My Role as a Maestro Intern : The Road to Becoming a Sophisticated Software Engineer

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dc.description.abstractThis paper introduces Maestro, a digital agency, and the software engineering internship they offered me for the summer of 2020. The topics and methods of my training are described in detail, as I learned week by week what it takes to create a web application. Towards the end of the internship, I was given the chance to do some independent research, where I aimed to strengthen my understanding of how parts of an application work together. At the end of the summer, I was given the opportunity to continue working with Maestro as an apprentice, where I relied on my training to contribute to various aspects of a company project that is currently on the market. This experience has drastically improved my understanding of software development, specifically web development, and it has helped me gain more confidence in my computer science abilities as a whole. It has provided me with more clarity on how I want to pursue computer science in the future, and the abstractness of concepts I learned during my training has opened my eyes further to how many fields of study can be forged with computer science through software engineering.en_US
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dc.titleMy Role as a Maestro Intern : The Road to Becoming a Sophisticated Software Engineeren_US