Experiential S.I.P: Financial Project Job Experiential and Connections analysis on Proper Recordkeeping

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dc.description.abstractAt age 15 I had my first working experience at RCO Engineering, I worked in my father's office and helped clean off the design engineer's computers after their training sessions. I returned the next few summers and worked in the Sheet Metal Department. Most of the work I did was strictly manual labor, cleaning parts and moving inventory to and from Shipping and Receiving. While this may sound mundane, it also acquainted me with many of the people I would have to work with later on in my career at RCO. Another thing I took from the long hours was a sense of work ethic and dedication to the job. Every day I saw men and women who were dedicated to making a quality product and who did whatever it took to get the job done on time. As I prepared to take my new job in the Financial Department I was excited; one part of me was excited just to get out of the drudgery of working with paint lacquer all day to clean parts, while the other part was excited because I felt this was going to be my first chance to make a real impact on the company. The project I was undertaking for the Finance Department required me to inventory and create a working data table on all the fixed assets the company possessed (basically the assets they paid taxes on). I felt for the first time that I could do some real good for the company and in the process potentially save RCO a lot of money by streamlining its asset list. In the experiential section I'll discuss the methods I used for compiling and locating the majority of the assets, how I interacted with the employees of the company, and the overall outcome of the project. In the connections essay I'm going to examine the importance of keeping records of financial transactions and taxable assets in regards to both running a ·successful business and staying out of trouble with the government. This essay will also examine the motives of the people involved and discuss the factor of incentives in regard to what decision is made.en_US
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dc.titleExperiential S.I.P: Financial Project Job Experiential and Connections analysis on Proper Recordkeepingen_US