Changes: A Creative Exploration of My Life in a Search for Myself

dc.contributor.advisorSeuss, Diane, 1956-
dc.contributor.authorGornall, J. Matney
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dc.description.abstractWhen I arrived at Kalamazoo College almost four years ago I thought I had life figured out. Since then I have found that the more I learn the more I recognize my own ignorance. Consequently the idea of writing a Senior Individualized Project on something I knew or wanted to lean about seemed strangely ironic. So instead of writing a thesis on the dynamics of governmental instability in Latin America or even a paper on Latin American literature, I have decided to write on that topic in which my knowledge is truly superior to anyone else's and yet one in which learning is still possible, myself. It is not an arrogant gesture so much as a humble one. On the following pages you will be given a brief glimpse of the only topic I really know anything about, even after sixteen years of formal education. Every poem is a complete statement of my life. Together they paint a picture. Through the following pages you will know me, yet as you read a strange thing will happen, we will become strangers; for the more you know me on paper the more, upon encountering me, you will know that you don't really know me at all. It is my hope that through this gesture we will all learn something. Now I encourage you to turn the page and enter into Changes.en_US
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dc.titleChanges: A Creative Exploration of My Life in a Search for Myselfen_US