"I'm Sorry, Mr. Koppel Cannot Come to the Phone Right Now" or The Experience of Being an Intern at Nightline

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dc.description.abstractThis a story of news seduction and, as in most seductions, it is all rather fast and ultimately shallow. I think if I were to introduce Mr. G. K. Chesterton to the world of modern broadcast journalism his sentiment of journalists, "whose interest(s) (are) simply that things should happen", would hardly differ. Despite a greater world politique, all the new-fangled video equipment to record it and spew it out to the vast viewing audience, little has probably changed. What matters is that catastrophe and novelty keep moving on, and may nobody interpret the course of events. Broken down, this essay is a collection of Nightline memoirs, inside jargon, humorous anecdotes, and one sordid saga of sexual harrassment. Ultimately though, I hope that linking the hodge-podge is a sense of the insanity, the lure of being in that world of the NEWSFLASH! I wish to convey the excitement of the place, but also the superficiality of the interests. There is no free lunch. People will woo you because you are attractive and bright, but ultimately what you mean to them is what you do for them. Results count, that is all, whether that is flattering a middle-aged ego or working the fourteen hours. Has the self been subjugated?en_US
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dc.title"I'm Sorry, Mr. Koppel Cannot Come to the Phone Right Now" or The Experience of Being an Intern at Nightlineen_US