ICRP: Socio-cultural Habits; Comparison of Village and Urban Youth

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dc.description.abstractIt is necessary to explain the history of the comportment and education of the older generation who are responsible for the youth of today. This is the generation that passed their transformed ideas to their children who have further evolved them. In the case of one village, Mbuleme, the transformation of ideas began with the installation of an elementry school in 1960. The first students of this French structured elementary school are the founders of the changement of values, attitude, and culture within the village. It is this generation that are now the father and mothers of the young adults of Mbuleme. With the school, cultivation of the land diminuated, along with the drought being the main factor. Because of the drought of the early 70's which lasted two years, every able bodied man left the village to find work entering the city and thus changing the socio-cultural organization of the village.en
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dc.titleICRP: Socio-cultural Habits; Comparison of Village and Urban Youthen