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Kalamazoo College
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Features: Worlds Bridge (Last month on Kalamazoo College's campus. Pietra Rivoli , author of The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy compared the liberal arts to a bridge between market forces (which we'll call: "the greatest good for the greatest number") and altruistic forces) -- Gravy Partnership (The College's Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) has implemented a new program that helps seniors identify, pursue, and secure a job after graduation. It’s the gravy--or extra value--added to the meat and potatoes of the liberal arts) -- Foreign Study Founders (If you want create a buzz among hornets, just ask "K" alumni for their foreign study memories. We did just that to help celebrate the program's 50th birthday last fall , and the response was tremendous) -- Model Love (A love of the liberal arts can manifest in many ways. Susan Eichelberg '60 (Glendening is her former married name and current professional name) has assembled a shrine of sorts to the curiosity and inventiveness that is both source and sequel to broad explorations of "liberal arts-ish" inquiry) -- Oxymoron (A college community that calls itself a family and claims to cultivate lifelong learning in its siblings should show such evidence in its "retired" professors--evidence that in effect, makes the notion of retired professor an oxymoron) / by Mary Phillip -- A Good Liver’s Vital Numbers (I find it easiest to view my college years through a series of numbers. 2009, for instance, is one. As a 3rd year student I feel number the final year (number 4') quickly approaching, and, with it, the culmination of what is affectionately referred to as my "College Career." or "4-Year-Plan.") / by Kelly Campbell -- A Taste of Porkchop (When Nicolette Hahn Niman '89 became a vegetarian in college she didn't anticipate her 2003 marriage to rancher Bill Niman (in a ceremony that took her back to Stetson Chapel). Today the couple live and work on Niman Ranch in Bolinas) / by Brittany Edwards -- Ghost Debaters (Last March Kalamazoo College psychology students debated the field's future by visiting its past. The students were members of Dr. Karyn Boatwright's "History and Systems of Psychology," and the discussion, which centered on the research and opinions of major historical figures in the …) / by Kristie McAlpine -- Disposable Cameras, Indispensable Stories (In the age of digitization and mega pixels, red-eye correction and instant photos, Elayna Snyder has developed the raw power of the disposable camera. The Kalamazoo College senior uses them to teach a photography class at Ministry with Community) / by Emily Homnick -- Software Fielder (As the plane gradually lifted its nose toward the sky, an orange--the kind you peel and eat--rolled down the aisle. The Baltimore Orioles were bored. For them, this was just another leg of their season--New York to Tampa--and one of the players figured it was a good chance to see if gravity still worked) / by Rick Shanley -- A Commitment to Excellent Faculty (One of the top private colleges in the United States, Kalamazoo College attracts some of the best teaching talent in the country, a dedicated corps that provides students a world-class education with a personal touch) / by Chris Killian -- Ms. Miller (Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan, is a little bit of old Netherlands near the shore of Lake Michigan. Each year, visitors from all over the world visit its 36 acres of dikes, canals. Manicured gardens, Dutch styled buildings, and a sea of tulips that bloom each spring) -- Stone Stories (Three youth on a fictitious journey were told that if they picked up stones along the way, by the end of their journey the gathered stones would tum to gold. One youth didn’t pick up any stones, perhaps not believing the tale. Another picked up several…) / by Zakia Carpenter.
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