Local Food, Greenspace, and "Farm-to-School" Policy : The Intersection Between Concepts and Legislation

dc.contributor.advisorGeist, Alison, 1953-
dc.contributor.authorFoley, Rob
dc.descriptioniii, 56p.
dc.description.abstractThis paper will explore the concepts of greenspace and local food, and then analyze the "Farm-to-School" legislation in relation to these concepts. There are several constraints to this task. First, concepts such as local food and greenspace as they are being examined here represent goals and constituencies within a broad environmental movement. There is no agreed-upon and specific definition, and the concepts are also fluid across space and time. This paper addresses aspects of the definitions that seek to link local food and greenspace preservation, namely ecology, conceptions of individual or communal responsibility, and agriculture. It should be recognized that the act of defining "local food" and "greenspace" serves to state explicitly how they will be used here, as well as to take a critical first step in analyzing how they relate to the "Farm-to-School" legislation; it cannot be assumed that the definitions will necessarily be applicable to other efforts to analyze aspects of local food and greenspaces except on ·a broad level.
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dc.titleLocal Food, Greenspace, and "Farm-to-School" Policy : The Intersection Between Concepts and Legislation