My Summer Department of Defense Internship and a Discussion of Serialization

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dc.description.abstractThis paper discusses my experience working as an intern with TRAC-FLVN as a result of being a SMART scholar. The details of what each of those organizations are, how I came to be connected with them and what I did during my summer are listed below. The largest time commitment of my summer was to a project involving the creation of a serialization algorithm in R using Java’s standard, due to R’s open-source nature and the already established functionality of Java’s standard for the purposes of TRAC-FLVN. This internship will not be a one-off experience for me, as I will move to Kansas City in the year 2022 to begin a two-year commitment to TRAC-FLVN as a result of the SMART scholarship terms and conditions.en_US
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dc.titleMy Summer Department of Defense Internship and a Discussion of Serializationen_US