Marketing and an Analysis of Television Advertisements During the Super Bowl

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Park, Philip S.
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The opening section will give a general overview of the field of marketing. The first part will deal with marketing strategies. Positioning and distribution within intermediaries will then be examined. The final portion will explore the three primary means of marketing: advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling. Within advertising, the initial step is to set a company's objective. It will then want to set up a budget, choosing one of the several approaches, such as the affordability method, matching the competition, a percentage-of-sales approach, and an objective-and-task method. A company must finally select one or more of the many advertising mediums, which include television, radio, billboards, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of each will be highlighted. Among sales promotions, a company can implement several types among consumer and trade promotions. It can choose among the several objectives and tools available to them by using samples, rebate, premiums, specialty items, etc. The final determinants are the way to deliver the promotion and to set the length of it. In personal selling, a company must begin by establishing a sales force. Then, it must determine the structure of the sales staff. Lastly, the steps used in the selling process by a sales department will be examined. The next segment will deal with Sports Radio 1130 AM, WDFN. To open, the 4-year company history will be explored. This 24-hour sports talk radio station has successfully established itself in the Detroit area; the reasons behind their prosperity will be investigated. The final portion will show the benefits of the station's overall use in marketing as a factor for WDFN's success. The final section will explore Super Bowl advertising. The first piece will examine the reasons and strategies behind companies who choose to put up the dollars; with the huge investment in time and money, companies hope to cash in on their 30 seconds. The decision to run a spot and then to put it together begins months before the game takes place on the field. The last part will give an overview of several companies who have advertised on Super Bowl Sunday.
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