Using Consumer Utility Maximization and Cost Minimization for Profit Maximization in the Hospitality Industry

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dc.description.abstractThrough very basic microeconomic principles nightclubs can enjoy a great deal of financial success. These basic microeconomic principles are consumer utility maximization and cost minimization. Through maximizing consumers utility and effective cost minimization steps a nightclub owner can maximize their profits in the extremely competitive nightclub sector of the restaurant industry. There are two factors that nightclub managers must be concerned with in maximizing the utility of their customers. These factors are entertainment value and price. These two factors when properly adhered to the demands of the consumer base can bring about great financial success. Entertainment value is the most important factor that determines a night clubs ability to maximize consumer utility and then maximize club owners profits. The way for nightclubs to possess a high entertainment value is through providing consumers with a unique one of a kind experience on a consistent basis. This can be achieved through continual imaginative thinking that produces ideas towards increasing entertainment value. The second most important factor for maximizing the utility of consumers is pricing. Many consumers are price sensitive and they demand to get their money’s worth when attending a nightclub. Though, it is shown that if a nightclub delivers the best entertainment around that price becomes less of a determining factor and nightclubs are allowed to charge a premium price for premium entertainment. Effective cost minimization is a technique that can be used to increase a nightclub's profits without worrying about increasing customers or sales. There are many ways to effectively minimize costs. Some of the best methods for nightclub owners are through effectively buying and storing alcohol, maintaining a good reputation with liquor providers, and standardizing drink recipes. The marketing process is an important part of maximizing consumer utility. The marketing process accurately identifies the demands of the consumers. Once the demand of the consumers has been identified, the marketing process develops the way in which a nightclub can satisfy these demands. Finally, carrying out the implementation of the demanded service and notification to the consumers of the service.en_US
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dc.titleUsing Consumer Utility Maximization and Cost Minimization for Profit Maximization in the Hospitality Industryen_US