LVM Capital Management and Security Analysis in the Context of Market Efficiency

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dc.description.abstractFundamental security analysis was pioneered by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd following the Great Depression. With the severity of the current economic recession being second only to the Great Depression, it is increasingly important to remember the foundation created by these innovators in the investments field. My time as an Investment Research Associate with LVM Capital Management has helped in my understanding of security selection in the context of turbulent economic climates. However, the vast amount of information and the multitude of similarly qualified investment analysts have only reinforced my belief in market efficiency. While mispriced securities undoubtedly exist, these opportunities are becoming increasingly difficult to identify. My lifetime financial plan acknowledges market efficiency when making important investment decisions. I conclude that my skills and education in investment selection could be employed in the less efficient markets of private equity, venture capital, or international investment research.en_US
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dc.titleLVM Capital Management and Security Analysis in the Context of Market Efficiencyen_US