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    • Value Added Taxation in the United States: The Michigan Single Business Tax 

      Smith, Bradley A. (1980)
      Michigan's unique business patterns and powerful labor unions have long made the state the site of high-pitched, emotional political battles concerning the treatment of the state's business community, but rarely has a ...
    • Vichy, De Gaulle, and the Purge: Unresolved Issues of State Legitimacy in France 

      Molineu, Anne (1993)
      This paper addresses only a slice of the Holocaust as it relates to France at the end of the war, and is a piece of history that has yet to be fully exposed to the public.
    • Victim and Witness Assistance 

      Schneider, Dave (1984)
      Indubitably, the courts in our criminal justice system dedicate the majority of their time and attention to the defendant. He has been accused of a crime and is therefore entitled to a fair and speedy trial. If found ...
    • Victim Indemnification: A Study of the Issue of State Compensation to Victims of Crime 

      Petzke, Roger (1973)
      To comment that the state of Mich1gan 18 not among the states which presently have victim-oriented legislation is not to say that the state government has completely ignored this issue. Rather it is to suggest that ...
    • Violent Social Revolution: Cuba and Bolivia 

      Brown, Terrence John (1969)
      The revolutionary or guerrilla war has emerged as a significant factor of social and political change in the modern world. The works which have been written about the phenomenon of violent social revolution have recognized ...
    • A Voice for Small Business: The IBA Legislative Action Committee 

      Bissell, Eugene (1976)
      This report, submitted in partial fulfillment of the SIP requirement, is designed to outline my experience working for the IBA/Legislative Action Committee for the last year, beginning in July 1975. The report is ...
    • Voting Patterns in the 1967 and 1969 Kalamazoo Municipal Elections 

      Kerman, Edwin Owen (1970)
      In both the 1967 and 1969 municipal elections in Kalamazoo there were twelve major candidates for the city commission, divided into two blocs. This paper will show how it was discovered that, in terms of the characteristics ...
    • The War on Drugs: An Exercise in Control 

      Visser, J. Michael (1993)
      In my research of the War on Drugs, I realized that there are many aspects which need to be explored. For example, is the war cost-effective? Does it target a particular group of people? What is the ultimate goal? In ...
    • Watergate: A Proposed Method of Political Autopsy 

      Donovan, Brian (1976)
      The view which I examine in this paper emphasizes factors external to the person of Nixon himself. It emphasizes pressures on the office of the Presidency, and the difficulty of coping with these pressures. The hypothesis ...
    • A Weberian Analysis of the Iranian Revolution 

      LaForge, Mark (1984)
      First, this paper will contain a somewhat brief, but complete analysis of Weber's three pronged understanding of the bases of authority. Authority is recognized on charismatic, traditional or legal-rational grounds. ...
    • Welfare, Poverty, and the Liberal Dilemma 

      Baumgartner, Richard P. (1984)
      This paper is an attempt to explain how our liberal created welfare policies have been mis-directed, and why such policies are having the paradoxical effect of perpetuating the very poverty which they were designed to ...
    • The West Bank and Gaza: An Ongoing Struggle 

      Yaghnam, Raed (1992)
      In my research, I will concentrate on the Israeli Occupied Territories since they are considered to be the most controversial issue yet, at the same time, the base from which peace could evolve.
    • What Is to Be Done: Baseball America's Game 

      Penta, Garry (2002)
      Three years ago I became interested in sport's law and decided that I wanted to go to law school. With my Senior Individualized Project (SIP) facing me, I needed to choose a focus. I wanted to research and write a paper ...
    • What's Wrong America? 

      Smith, Leah (1986)
      Have you ever considered what might happen to you? Do you know what risks pervade your daily life? Are they risks taken voluntarily or involuntarily? Or perhaps you feel risk only affects some other poor unexpecting ...
    • When All About You Are Losing Theirs': Campaign '74 

      Yost, Katherine A. (1975-06)
      The first portion of this paper describes my activities as campaign coordinator for Dr. Howard Wolpe, Member of the Michigan House of Representatives. The second portion of this paper is a brief examination of campaign ...
    • Wherefore Art Thou? A Study of English National Identity 

      Stahley, Kristin (2002)
      The case of England is an atypical one. Its history as a country is unlike any other, twisting and weaving through several different identities in ways that have been experienced by no other country on earth. In all ...
    • White Hate in America: Who and Why? 

      Everett, Frederick (1990)
      This paper is about the white hate groups which plague our nation and remind us of an uglier time. But to some extent it may really be about us all. The brutal ideology and unbridled hatred of the white supremacists, ...
    • Who Sliced the Pie? An examination of the Unequal Distribution of Wealth in America 

      McKillop, Matthew J. (2006)
      Every day in America, children are taught that if they if they put their mind to something and work hard, they can achieve anything. This is generally referred to as the American Dream. It is as if a host of options is ...
    • Who Votes in Kalamazoo: Basic Trends and Suggestions for Future Research 

      Rohwer, Milton W. (1966)
      Although this thesis can hardly be considered an end in itself, it is hoped that the work done here will reveal some major trends that will help answer the question: Who votes in Kalamazoo? As a part of that goal it is ...
    • Why "Sex Work" Doesn't Work: Towards a feminist approach to anti-trafficking efforts 

      Bird, Yoshi M. (2000)
      The trafficking of women is not a distinct phenomenon, but rather forms part of a larger inter-cultural continuum of violence against women that includes prostitution, pornography, wife-battery, female genital mutilation, ...