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    • Biofuels: Renewable Energy? 

      Wayne, David (2008-05-23)
      In an effort to become more environmentally conscious, there has been a worldwide effort to use products that are more carbon neutral. Two different renewable energy biofuels that have attracted recent attention are corn ...
    • Environmentally Friendly Practices at Kalamazoo College 

      Workman, Zachary A. (2008)
      With the rising importance of sustainability due to an increasing scientific understanding of the impact of humanity on the planet, Kalamazoo College has a very large task at hand to successfully become more environmentally ...
    • A Guide to Green Building 

      Olderog, Oliver P. (2008)
    • Radical Design Paradigms For Sustainable Construction at Kalamazoo College 

      Smith, Adam (2010)
      In June 2007 Kalamazoo College committed to pursue carbon neutrality by signing the American Colleges and Universities Presidential Climate Commitment. In November 2008 the College conducted a greenhouse gas inventory ...
    • A Study of Energy Use at Kalamazoo College 

      Connor, Robert B. (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 2007-06-04)
      The evolving focus of Kalamazoo College on energy conservation and efficiency brought about the need for a project to study how the campus currently uses energy. This process, often taking the form of an energy audit, ...
    • Using the Cosmic Microwave Background to Explore the Composition of the Universe 

      Barkley, Daniel (2008)
      The cosmic microwave background has provided information on the history of the universe that can be used to make constraints on the cosmological parameters. This project’s aim is to explore some possible constraints, ...