The Kalamazoo College Archives has extensive biographical materials, in its Record Group 74. The files include items such as newspaper clippings or magazine articles; memos and correspondence to, from or about an individual; lectures given by or about an individual; references to other information sources at Kalamazoo or elsewhere; and other ephemeral materials. This DSpace collection is the home for electronic versions of biographical information.


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  • Letter from C.B. Williams to President Stetson 

    Williams, Clarke Benedict (1923-08-27)
    Professor C.B. Williams writes to retired Kalamazoo College president Herbert Lee Stetson about travel conditions on the S.S. President Lincoln. He focuses on the typhoon they sailed through but also mentions other travelers ...
  • Letter from Hittie Williams to her daughter 

    Williams, Hittie (1923-08-26)
    Hittie Williams, the wife of Prof. C.B. Williams, writes to her daughter Elisabeth about the typhoon and other passengers on the ship as they sail from Hawaii to Japan in August of 1923.
  • Letter from C.B. Williams to his brother 

    Williams, Clarke Benedict (1923-08-23)
    Clarke Benedict Williams writes to his brother Frank and sister-in-law Mary about his time in Hawaii and the typhoon he and his wife Hittie sailed through en route to Japan. The former student that Prof. Williams met with ...
  • Letter from C.B. Williams to his daughter 

    Williams, Clarke Benedict (1923-08-22)
    Clarke Benedict Williams describes sailing through a typhoon after leaving the Hawaiian Islands en route to Japan.
  • Clarke Benedict Williams Resume 

    Williams, Clarke Benedict (1922-12)
    A resume written by Prof. Clarke Benedict Williams with details on education, teaching, membership in societies and local clubs, family, travel, and writing.
  • Clarke Benedict Williams 

    Austin, G.W. (c. 1900)
    A portrait of Clarke B. Williams, professor of Mathematics, c. 1900.
  • Clarke Benedict Williams 

    Johnson, Paul N. (1910)
    Prof. Clarke B. Williams with his daugher Elizabeth in their own backyard at 214 Stuart Ave.
  • Clarke Benedict Williams 

    Unknown author (c. 1916)
    Clarke B. Williams was a professor of mathematics at Kalamazoo College from 1894 to 1923. He also served as a Dean beginning in 1913. Williams was nicknamed "Tuffy" by his students. In 1923, he and his wife died in an ...
  • Diebold Symposium to Feature Biology Research Projects 

    Greenhoe, John (Kalamazoo College, 1998-04-09)
    The Diebold Biology Symposium is a two-day scientific meeting, modeled after an academic conference, which includes a keynote lecture followed by a showing of senior biology majors' research projects, which they complete ...
  • Rob Townsend Wins Frances Diebold Award 

    Greenhoe, John (Kalamazoo College, 1996-06-05)
    Rob Townsend, recycling and resource recovery coordinator at Kalamazoo College, has been honored as the 1996 recipient of the Frances Diebold Award. The Diebold award is unique, offering students their only opportunity to ...
  • She Has Touched Thousands of Lives 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, c. 1987)
    An informational flyer about Dr. Frances Diebold and the efforts to raise money for a biology center within the Dow Science Center.
  • Memories of Frances Diebold 

    Unknown author (1967)
    Quotes from former students of Dr. Frances Diebold, retired Professor of Biology at Kalamazoo College, probably taken around the time of her retirement in 1967.
  • The Frances Diebold Scholars Program 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 9999)
    This program honors Dr. Frances Diebold with a permanent tribute to her forty-four years of dedicated service to Kalamazoo College. It will provide recognition and financial support for students whose attributes reflect ...
  • Obituary for Dr. Frances Diebold 

    Unknown author (1989-12)
    An obituary for Dr. Frances Diebold (1900-89), retired Professor of Biology at Kalamazoo College.
  • Frances Diebold Memorial Program 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1990-01-05)
    Program for the memorial service held in honor of Dr. Frances Diebold, professor emeritus of Biology at Kalamazoo College.
  • Plans Announced for Diebold Biology Center 

    Allen, Susan W. (Kalamazoo College, 1987-04-23)
    Press release announcing a fundraising campaign for construction of the Diebold Biology Center in what is the Dow Science Center on Kalamazoo College's campus.
  • American Baptist Convention Honors Dr. Frances Diebold 

    Lee, Wono (Kalamazoo College, 1968-05-30)
    On May 30, 1968, the American Baptist Convention honored Kalamazoo College's retired Professor of Biology Dr. Frances Diebold for her long years of service in higher education.
  • 1967 Press Release Announcing Frances Diebold's Retirement 

    Lee, Wono (Kalamazoo College, 1967-06-05)
    This is a press release announcing the retirement of Dr. Frances Diebold, Professor of Biology, after 44 years at Kalamazoo College.
  • Criticism on Macbeth 

    Cadman, James P. (Kalamazoo College, 1860-06-08)
    The essay "Criticism on Macbeth" written by James P. Cadman, Class of 1863, in his sophomore year.
  • On the Rebellion of 1861 

    Cadman, James P. (Kalamazoo College, 1861-09-28)
    The essay "On the Rebellion of 1861" written by James P. Cadman, Class of 1863, in his junior year gives his opinion on the secession of the Southern states.

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