This collection contains student intercultural research projects during their study abroad in San José, Costa Rica.

Recent Submissions

  • Municipality of Curridabat, Women's Office 

    Carlson, Michael D. (2001)
    América Latina es reconocida alredor del mundo como una región con una historia de mucha violencia, con unas decadas de la guerra, y con un problema grande de la presencia de las drogas. Aunque estas cosas son verdad para ...
  • Building a Better Future ACJ Asociacion Cristiano de Jovenes 

    Bowman, Marietta (2001-02-14)
    Associated with the global organization of YMCA, ACJ holds the same philosophies of its parent organization, but has adapted them to the specific needs of Costa Rica. While the YMCA of the United States focuses on organizing ...
  • Clinica Integrada de Tibas 

    Anthony, Navin (2000-02)
    In my experience at the Clinica Integral de Tibas, I was able to follow and observe certain doctors from different parts of health care and understand their role in keeping the community healthy. I followed around 2 family ...
  • Doctor and Patient Relationships: Clinica Integrada de Tibas 

    Sila, Gwen H. (2001-02-02)
    The scene studied for my ICRP was the Clinica de Tibas. The clinic is a cooperative funded by the CCSS and an EBAIS clinic as well. In order to observe the major areas ofthe clinic, I spent a week in three different sections ...