This collection contains student intercultural research projects during their study abroad in Beijing, China.

Recent Submissions

  • Peng Ke Wan Sui! or May Punk Live for Ten Thousand Years! 

    Buck, Dan (2001-01-29)
    First and foremost, a warning to the reader: This paper will not at all reflect in-depth sociological research of modern Chinese society, as such a task is patently impossible. As Chinese society rushes at a desperate pace ...
  • The ICRP of Meghan Keeler 

    Keeler, Meghan (2001-01-29)
    Coming back to Beijing on the fourth of January I still had no real idea what to expect of my internship. I knew I would be working with an artist, at least that's what his card says, by the name of Wang Jinsong. I knew ...
  • IRCP 

    Derman, Noah (2001-02-23)
    I started this project with three main goals. First, being placed in an environment where the only language I can use is Chinese. During my internship everyday I studied at my art teacher' s house. Both my teacher and his ...
  • An ICRP Report on working at a school for children with disabilities. 

    Lee, Catherine
    To fulfill the completion of my ICRP credit I will be working at the Beijing Chao Yang Mentally Retarded Children Rehabilitation Center. At the start of the semester the required hours were to be 75 hours, however, due to ...
  • Integrative Cultural Research Project Final Paper 

    Bartuski, Andrea R. (2001)
    The following three weeks I have interned at the Civil Society Program, a project of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China where I worked to complete my Integrative ...
  • Integrative Cultural Research Project: Reflective Essay 

    Spearman, Corey Michael (2001-01-17)
    The Beijing Chaoyang Mentally Retarded Children Rehabilitation Center frequently accommodates weekend volunteers, however rarely are they assisted on a daily basis during normal working hours. Thus, a model for my role ...