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    • A Computational Analysis of World Happiness And It’s Implications 

      Michelin, Daniel (2018)
      This paper examines the relationship between GDP, Gini Index, suicide rate, and the World Happiness Index. We find that the change in happiness in a country is correlated with a reduction in inequality and an increase in ...
    • Exploration of Item and Associative Memory through an Image Recognition Task 

      Popovich, Zach (2016)
      The present study was designed to examine the memory performance of preterm children compared to that of full term. It is hypothesized that an individual born full term would have a greater memory than one who is born ...
    • Modeling Cognitive Diversity 

      Skalla, Caroline (2022-06-01)
      In this paper we propose a computational modeling approach to the study of cognitive diversity, which is a rising hot topic of scientific interest. Theoretical studies overwhelmingly suggest that cognitive diversity, ...