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  • Virtual Mail Server 

    Brook, Andrew (2006)
    Throughout my professional career, I've been deeply involved in setting up and maintaining computer systems, including many email systems. The majority of those email systems have been set up in a very traditional and ...
  • Virtual Reality : A Deeper Observation 

    Martinson, Barthelemy (2017)
    Virtual Reality has been subject to a lot of attention these last few years following the impact it has had in the realm of entertainment. As the attention and media coverage continues to grow, a lot of people don’t really ...
  • Web Servers 

    Dilno, David L., II (1995)
    In September of 1995, I acquired an internship position at I/Net, Inc. of Kalamazoo. I was hired as a software tester for one of their products. The product was a web server that ran on the IBM AS/400 platform. It was ...
  • Why I Had to Break iTrax; A Discussion of PDT, ISO and TQM 

    Beights, Andrew S. (2001)
    This project deals with a company's pursuit of quality and standardization to facilitate that company's goal of being their client's first choice. I detail my internship responsibilities at Portable Data Technologies, ...
  • Windows NT and the TCP/IP Networking Protocol 

    Sobeck, Philip (1998)
    When deciding the topic for my SIP, I wanted to do something that could be used in my job after college. My family owns a small restaurant chain in the metro Detroit area, and that is where I am going to be employed after ...
  • A Winter Study in SNOBOL 

    Piehl, Robin Herrick (1985)
    As a SIP project, I chose to work on an implementation of SNOBOL4 for the VAX 11/750. Since SNOBOL4 is an interpretive language, I first wrote Pascal procedures to translate SNOBOL4 source code into Pascal linked list ...
  • Women in Computer Science 

    Diaz, Melany R. (2016)
    Women have played a crucial role in the evolution of computing, dating as far back as the development of the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine, by Ada Lovelace in the 19th century. Yet even with this ...
  • Work Experience at GMI Engineering and Management Institute 

    Ryan, Robert (1985)
    The following Senior Individualized Project is organized as a series of appendices that detail the project I worked on during my stay at GMI Engineering and Management Institute. My project was performed under the ...
  • A Working SIP at Pontiac Motor Division 

    Piehl, Forrest L. (1984)
    As part of a General Motors Scholarship, I did my Senior Individualized Project at Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Corporation in Pontiac, Michigan. I worked there as an intern from September 4 through December ...
  • A Working SIP at the Upjohn Company 

    Whaley, Gerald Thomas (1986)
    The author describes his internship as a programmer at The Upjohn Company designing the forms, editing the programming, performing data corrections, and designing reports for a clinical trial.
  • A Working SIP: Kellogg Biological Research Station 

    Lewis, Greg (1986)
    From the period of September 20th through December 20th I participated in an internship at the Kellogg Biological Research Station (KBS) as a software developer. My Supervisor, John Gorentz, is the system manager of ...
  • A World of Traits: An Analysis of Computer-Simulated Trait-Based Social Networks 

    Warner, Rebecca J. (2004)
    This paper is a detailed description of my work on a project of computer modeling of trait-based social networks. The research was undertaken under the supervision of Dr. Jan Tobochnik, chair of the Physics Department ...
  • The Year 2000 Problem in Information Systems Industry: A Focus on What Can Be Done and the Effects in Public, Private, and Individual Sectors 

    Haffey, Katherine (1997)
    Once the clock ticks over to January 1, 2000 00:00:01, computer programs worldwide could fail because of a tiny programming error, wreaking havoc on governments, businesses, and households. For years, the media has taken ...