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    • Client Server Technology 

      Malenfant, Aaron (1996)
      Since the introduction of the computer, the computer industry has undergone major changes every few years. As computers become more prevalent, different computing paradigms are needed. In this paper, I intend to define ...
    • COBOL Re-Engineering: A Preliminary Design Specification 

      Deck, Michael (1981)
      Because unstructured COBOL is so difficult to read and to maintain, a method is required to convert unstructured COBOL programs into structured programs, either in COBOL or another, more easily structured language. Addressing ...
    • COBOL Scrolling Techniques Using VAX Forms Management System 

      Cleveland, Mary H. (1987)
      The author describes her internship as a programmer/operator at Valassis Inserts in Farmington Hills creating documentation and programming in both BASIC and for the VAX Forms Management System.
    • ColdFusion Web Application Design 

      Matich, Nicholas P. (2003)
      ColdFusion is a useful tool to develop internet applications. When paired with a database Coldfusion can be used as a tool for e-commerce or to streamline business practices. The purpose of this paper is to look at ...
    • Collaborative Filtering and the Netflix Prize 

      Nayer, Benjamin H. (2009)
      Recommendation systems, and specifically collaborative filtering, are fairly new fields, which focus on automatically predicting how much a given user would value a given item. As more and more aspects of society are ...
    • A Comparison of the AIS-PL/I Compiler and Two DEC FORTRAN Compilers 

      Slocum, Michael A. (1977)
      This research evaluates the performance of code generated by the AIS-PL/1 compiler in three areas, and in an application related to research at the Machine Perception Labs, General Motors. The test programs are written in ...
    • A Computational Analysis of World Happiness And It’s Implications 

      Michelin, Daniel (2018)
      This paper examines the relationship between GDP, Gini Index, suicide rate, and the World Happiness Index. We find that the change in happiness in a country is correlated with a reduction in inequality and an increase in ...
    • Computer Chess : The Drosophila of Computing 

      Timmons, Charles (2017)
      Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become quite popular recently. From the basis of sci-fi plots in movies like Terminator or Ex-Machina, to real-world applications like IBM’s Watson or Deep Blue, or AI that can create music, ...
    • Computer Interface Progression: From Punch Cards to Windows, and Beytond 

      Page, Eric (2001)
      This paper was written to be an overview of user interfaces over time, and to express my educated guesses of where user interfaces are .going m the future. It starts with a brief introduction into what a user interface ...
    • Computer Operations in the Business Environment 

      Lewis, Rankin M. (1983)
      This paper is an accumulation of three months work at Oldsmobile and at the State of Michigan Department of Mental Health Management Systems Division in Lansing, Michigan. The contents are to a certain extent very general ...
    • A Computer Science Internship in the Automotive Industry, Documentation of Mainframe Automation and Research of Automated Paging Software 

      Hankey, Russ (1995)
      Beginning with the global view and Ford 2000, the following text provides further details of the company's structure, and more specific information about the mainframe environment of NACO. One of the primary effects of ...
    • Computer Security and Incident Response: A Case Study - NASIRC 

      Atkins, Jason (1998)
      From the perspective of a college student on the brink of the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine what life would have been like at the beginning of the 1900s. Cars and phones were just beginning to take their places ...
    • Computer System Administration: In Small Academic Context and Beyond 

      Gross, Justin Michael (2002)
      It is all too often that the human being takes for granted the complexity of the world around them. During the course of the past two summers I had the opportunity to view, first hand, a situation that in which people ...
    • The Computerization of a Small Business 

      Camp, Tracy Kay (1987)
      The author created an accounting program for her family’s swimming pool service. The goal was to develop a computerized sales journal, cash receipts journal and current customer listing. The accounts receivable program ...
    • The Computerization of Huston Produce, Inc. 

      Huston, James (1987)
      The author describes his experience automating the family produce distribution business, first with a BASIC program on a stand alone PC and the subsequent decision to move to a NOVELL network of four computers running dBase III.
    • Computing Activation Energies of Flexible Biomolecules in Generalized Born Continuum Solvent Environments 

      Kemple, Andrew S. (2004)
      This paper examines the activation energies of a flexible molecule in polar and nonpolar solvent environments. These solvation effects were studied using the generalized Born model of solvation developed for CHARMM ...
    • Conference Room Automation Projecct at Chemical Abstracts Service 

      Ball, Richard A. (1988)
      During the fall quarter of 1988 I did my Senior Individualized Project at Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) ln Columbus, Ohio. CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, produces Information services which help ...
    • Consumer Risk Transformation at General Motors Financial 

      Sarafian, Danielle Anahid (2019-09-01)
      Over the summer, I worked at GM Financial (GMF) in Detroit, MI in the International Operations department as an Information Technology (IT) Intern on the Consumer Risk Transformation (CRT) team for three months. Our focus ...
    • Content Curation Web Application 

      Adams, Keaton (2013)
      The author describes his experience working on the Content Curation Web Application at Biggs-Gilmore in the summer of 2013. At its core, Biggs-Gilmore is an advertising agency located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The author ...