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    • Why I Had to Break iTrax; A Discussion of PDT, ISO and TQM 

      Beights, Andrew S. (2001)
      This project deals with a company's pursuit of quality and standardization to facilitate that company's goal of being their client's first choice. I detail my internship responsibilities at Portable Data Technologies, ...
    • Windows NT and the TCP/IP Networking Protocol 

      Sobeck, Philip (1998)
      When deciding the topic for my SIP, I wanted to do something that could be used in my job after college. My family owns a small restaurant chain in the metro Detroit area, and that is where I am going to be employed after ...
    • A Winter Study in SNOBOL 

      Piehl, Robin Herrick (1985)
      As a SIP project, I chose to work on an implementation of SNOBOL4 for the VAX 11/750. Since SNOBOL4 is an interpretive language, I first wrote Pascal procedures to translate SNOBOL4 source code into Pascal linked list ...
    • Women in Computer Science 

      Diaz, Melany R. (2016)
      Women have played a crucial role in the evolution of computing, dating as far back as the development of the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine, by Ada Lovelace in the 19th century. Yet even with this ...
    • Work Experience at GMI Engineering and Management Institute 

      Ryan, Robert (1985)
      The following Senior Individualized Project is organized as a series of appendices that detail the project I worked on during my stay at GMI Engineering and Management Institute. My project was performed under the ...
    • A Working SIP at Pontiac Motor Division 

      Piehl, Forrest L. (1984)
      As part of a General Motors Scholarship, I did my Senior Individualized Project at Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Corporation in Pontiac, Michigan. I worked there as an intern from September 4 through December ...
    • A Working SIP at the Upjohn Company 

      Whaley, Gerald Thomas (1986)
      The author describes his internship as a programmer at The Upjohn Company designing the forms, editing the programming, performing data corrections, and designing reports for a clinical trial.
    • A Working SIP: Kellogg Biological Research Station 

      Lewis, Greg (1986)
      From the period of September 20th through December 20th I participated in an internship at the Kellogg Biological Research Station (KBS) as a software developer. My Supervisor, John Gorentz, is the system manager of ...
    • A World of Traits: An Analysis of Computer-Simulated Trait-Based Social Networks 

      Warner, Rebecca J. (2004)
      This paper is a detailed description of my work on a project of computer modeling of trait-based social networks. The research was undertaken under the supervision of Dr. Jan Tobochnik, chair of the Physics Department ...
    • The Year 2000 Problem in Information Systems Industry: A Focus on What Can Be Done and the Effects in Public, Private, and Individual Sectors 

      Haffey, Katherine (1997)
      Once the clock ticks over to January 1, 2000 00:00:01, computer programs worldwide could fail because of a tiny programming error, wreaking havoc on governments, businesses, and households. For years, the media has taken ...