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    • Obvis-V2: A Visualization Tool for Teaching Object-Oriented Programming Concepts In Java 

      Connell, Beth Harkness (2001)
      This paper examines the advantages of visualization and what to look for in a good visualization tool. After a brief summary of some other Object Oriented visualization tools and techniques, this paper will describe Obvis ...
    • On the Creation and Development of the WHAT (Ware House Analysis Tool) 

      Rosen, Elana (2014)
      This Senior Individualized Project (SIP) is an in--‐depth report of my summer internship at MJS Packaging in Livonia, MI and of a tool I developed for their use. The tool is part of a ...
    • On Writing About the God Machine 

      VosWilliams, Liam (2020-05-03)
      This winter I endeavored to learn more about the concepts and methodologies that go into creating the Artificial Intelligences of today and designing the models of the future.
    • The Online Workorder: A Java Development Application 

      Treadwell, William Scott (1999)
      This SIP was about learning the Java programming language, and about developing a product for a company that had never been done before. Java is a unique language that allowed me to develop this program with little concern ...
    • OPA: An Othello Playing Algorithm 

      Bjornson, Robert D. (1983)
      Human intelligence seems to be closely related to flexibility and generalization, in agreement with current opinion characterizing human thought as heuristic and mechanical models as largely algorithmic. The Othello program ...
    • An Overview of Optical Character Recognition Processes at Canon Research America 

      Evans, Colin (1996)
      Optical character recognition (OCR) is the process of taking a bitmap picture and converting it into a text document. Character recognition has many useful applications, such as eliminating the need for storing paper ...
    • Pair Programming and the Software Intern Experience at Maestro and Atomic Object 

      Murphy, Erin (2023-03-01)
      I spent almost six months, from March to September 2022, working at two different internship positions in the software industry. My first internship was a nine-week-long spring internship at Atomic Object, and I worked 2-3 ...
    • Parallel Algorithm Design for Compression of DNA Data Files 

      Brodie, Juleon (2022-03-01)
      In genetic research, processing and analyzing DNA sequences is very important. DNA sequences can get very long, and researchers often must analyze very large amounts of them. This makes it very important to have a fast and ...
    • Parallel Computing Made Easy 

      Silverman, Nathan (2020-04-01)
      The aim of this project was to build a parallel computing device from Raspberry Pis using the Beowulf cluster architecture. This paper describes the build and the benefits of parallel computing over using a single computer ...
    • Password Security 

      LeBlanc, Zachary (2018)
      This paper dives into the making of passwords. How they are used, what makes a strong password, how to make a strong password and the creation of password management in systems will be covered in this paper. This knowledge ...
    • Pattern Matching and Regular Expression Notation 

      Birkhill, William (2002)
      This text attempts to explore the topic of text parsing and pattern matching through the use of regular expressions. What we will see is that text parsing and pattern matching through the use of regular expressions has ...
    • Pause : Android Mobile Application 

      Koh, Younsuk (2017)
      Pause is an Android mobile application developed by the author in an attempt to address the rising social problems caused by modern social networking applications. The following contents will cover brief history of ...
    • pdf2web: A Catalog-to-Web Page Utility in Perl 

      McHale, Matthew (2000)
      The Kalamazoo College Registrar's Office cannot afford to hire someone to manually update their web pages every year. However, they have new information for these pages every year, most notably in the form of the annual ...
    • Perl vs. C: Comparing Scripting Languages and Structured Languages for Application Development 

      Elston, Christopher A. (2001)
      My goal was to try and develop the same application using two different languages and then compare the end products and the ease and speed of the development process while constructing each version. Once I had completed ...
    • The Plant ID Application : Building a Virtual Plant Handbook 

      Lacey, Ariah (2015)
      The author describes the process of designing a mobile guide to plant life based on a dichotomous key identification system. The goal was a simple field guide with a clean interface that could be easily expanded. The author ...
    • Practical Application of Accessibility and Usability in Web Application Design and Development 

      Brumsickle, Aiden (2010)
      In the current environment of the World Wide Web, complex, highly interactive applications are becoming more prominent: interactive dynamic Web sites are now the norm. The history of Web-based applications has been ...
    • Preparing Students for Coding in the Computer Science Industry 

      Galvin, Owen Rissmeyer (2017)
      The author describes his experience interning at VisTracks, programming features of their Android application.
    • Probabilistic Chinese Segmentation : A Dictionary Driven Approach to Chinese Word Segmentation Using Text Preprocessors 

      Wang-Stosur-Bassett, Preston (2018)
      This paper describes a Chinese word segmentation system based on dictionary driven probabilistic segmentation using trained data to calculate probability. The results of this system are compared to results from a Largest ...
    • A Problem in Business Forecasting 

      Wolfson, Robert (Kalamazoo College, 1977)
      The project began with an examination of available forecasting algorithms, and resulted in the picking and programming of one. Due to numerous constraints and different sets of requirements, the programming stage of the ...
    • The problem of misinformation and disinformation, and how computer science can combat it 

      Molchagin, Aleksandr (2023-03-01)
      Misinformation and disinformation are two distinct terms with definitions that share a similar concept: spreading false information. While the problem of misinformation and disinformation is not new, the use of computers ...