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    • The Most Important Lesson : Work Is Totally Different from The Knowledge You Learned from School 

      Wang, Liangkun (2019-09-01)
      A project in a real-world company is completely different from what a student of computer science experiences in class settings. Conception and Initiation, Definition and Planning, Launch and Execution, Performance and ...
    • My Experience Interning for a Tech Start-Up 

      Vicker, Evan (2022-09-16)
      Throughout this summer, I was given the opportunity to work with a start-up company called VMET(Virtual Music Ensemble Technologies), working on their new software suite called Opus. Due to the small size and start-up ...
    • My Harvard Game Design Course Experience 

      Nerhood, Nicholas (2022-03-01)
      My original plan for my Senior Individualized Project was to try and do an internship at a tech company to get experience, but COVID-19 had a different plan for me, making it so that every internship I had applied for would ...
    • My Internship Experience 

      Novick, Max (2020-09-01)
    • My Internship Experience 

      Nartley-Tokoli, William (2023-03-01)
      In this SIP reflection, I will be retracing my experience in a 3-month internship at Amazon. This was my first internship and the experience I gained from this internship was exactly what I needed to start my career and ...
    • My Internship Experience With Python And Data Science 

      Gu, Matthew (2021-11-01)
      This paper will cover my internship experience with Fortitude Solutions, an Information Technology & Services company and it will introduce some of the concepts and knowledge that I have received from this opportunity. ...
    • My Internship Reflection as an Embedded Engineering 

      Hayashi, Jiniku (2022-09-01)
      My internship was with The Method Part, one of the smaller engineering corporations within Erlangen. It has engineering and consulting departments and I worked at the engineering department. There are almost 50 engineers, ...
    • My Role as a Maestro Intern : The Road to Becoming a Sophisticated Software Engineer 

      Hosner, Josephine (2021-03-01)
      This paper introduces Maestro, a digital agency, and the software engineering internship they offered me for the summer of 2020. The topics and methods of my training are described in detail, as I learned week by week what ...
    • My Summer Department of Defense Internship and a Discussion of Serialization 

      Dorstewitz, Adam (2022-03-01)
      This paper discusses my experience working as an intern with TRAC-FLVN as a result of being a SMART scholar. The details of what each of those organizations are, how I came to be connected with them and what I did during ...
    • MyPR : Building a Weight Training App 

      Murillo, Jasmin (2022-03-01)
      MyPr is an IOS mobile application for the fitness community, to track progressive overload and inform its users on how to structure workouts to target various body parts to achieve successful progressive overload. Progressive ...
    • Object Oriented Approaches to the Generation of Process Control Applications 

      Wold, Jason Arthur (1994)
      I originally envisioned a completely design-based project, focusing almost entirely on the logical design of the hypothetical Senior Individualized Project Process Control Application Generation Engine (SIPCAGE), however, ...
    • Object-Oriented Programming: Basic Concepts 

      Barnum, Mark (1991)
      Object-oriented design and object-oriented programming are deemed by some the salvation of the programming world. With the complexity of hardware increases vastly diminishing the increases in complexity of software, ...
    • Obvis-V2: A Visualization Tool for Teaching Object-Oriented Programming Concepts In Java 

      Connell, Beth Harkness (2001)
      This paper examines the advantages of visualization and what to look for in a good visualization tool. After a brief summary of some other Object Oriented visualization tools and techniques, this paper will describe Obvis ...
    • On the Creation and Development of the WHAT (Ware House Analysis Tool) 

      Rosen, Elana (2014)
      This Senior Individualized Project (SIP) is an in--‐depth report of my summer internship at MJS Packaging in Livonia, MI and of a tool I developed for their use. The tool is part of a ...
    • On Writing About the God Machine 

      VosWilliams, Liam (2020-05-03)
      This winter I endeavored to learn more about the concepts and methodologies that go into creating the Artificial Intelligences of today and designing the models of the future.
    • The Online Workorder: A Java Development Application 

      Treadwell, William Scott (1999)
      This SIP was about learning the Java programming language, and about developing a product for a company that had never been done before. Java is a unique language that allowed me to develop this program with little concern ...
    • OPA: An Othello Playing Algorithm 

      Bjornson, Robert D. (1983)
      Human intelligence seems to be closely related to flexibility and generalization, in agreement with current opinion characterizing human thought as heuristic and mechanical models as largely algorithmic. The Othello program ...
    • An Overview of Optical Character Recognition Processes at Canon Research America 

      Evans, Colin (1996)
      Optical character recognition (OCR) is the process of taking a bitmap picture and converting it into a text document. Character recognition has many useful applications, such as eliminating the need for storing paper ...
    • Pair Programming and the Software Intern Experience at Maestro and Atomic Object 

      Murphy, Erin (2023-03-01)
      I spent almost six months, from March to September 2022, working at two different internship positions in the software industry. My first internship was a nine-week-long spring internship at Atomic Object, and I worked 2-3 ...
    • Parallel Algorithm Design for Compression of DNA Data Files 

      Brodie, Juleon (2022-03-01)
      In genetic research, processing and analyzing DNA sequences is very important. DNA sequences can get very long, and researchers often must analyze very large amounts of them. This makes it very important to have a fast and ...