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    • Internet Development in the People's Republic of China 

      Borgerson, Bo F. (2004)
      In the summer of 2003 I made my first blind stab at developing a web-based e-commerce application to serve residents of the People's Republic of China. What I discovered at every step of the way were unforeseen challenges. ...
    • Internet Security: Winning the Battle with Hackers 

      Cooper, Nathaniel (2002)
      For the purpose of this paper I am going to focus on business and home computer users. Each of these groups includes a vast range of types of use and user knowledge, and I am going to purposefully focus on basic computer, ...
    • An Internship at the Texas Instruments Austin Information Center 

      Chesky, William R. (1986)
      The author describes his internship at Texas Instruments in Austin, Texas. His duties involved the SURE reporting system, including administration, consulting, programming, and documentation. SURE stands for Slick Utility ...
    • Intranets as a New Corporate Tool: An Examination of New Technology Changing Corporate Culture 

      Secrist, Kyle (1997)
      This project represents the culmination of nearly seven months of internship at Valassis Communications Inc. in addition to numerous hours of thought and investigation of intranet and Internet technologies. I have tried ...
    • Introducing Technology at North Star Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten 

      Arcienega, Nathan E. (2017)
      Over the summer, the author worked with a Montessori preschool and Kindergarten in his hometown. The Montessori philosophy is all about the student naturally engaging in a prepared environment choosing work they want to ...
    • Introduction to Data Mining 

      Tham, Phillip (2019-09-01)
      This paper introduces a basic understanding for the topic of data mining. It will go into detail about the basics and background information of data mining, how data mining is used in the medical field, specifically how ...
    • Joint Capacity Planning at Royal Maccabees 

      Duncan, Christina L. (1990)
      During the fall quarter of 1990, I was employed part-time at Royal Maccabees Life Insurance Company in Southfield, Michigan. I was supervised by Tom J. Wilkinson, Director of Data Processing Services in the Management ...
    • Jubilie : Understanding Community through Social Networks 

      Debies, Fabien (2019-09-01)
      Jubilie is a mobile application for creating and discovering events. It was designed to help local organizations build stronger communities through well-publicized free events. Jubilie was released to Kalamazoo College ...
    • Keywording Patient Data by Computer 

      Rosenberg, Jonathan B. (1976)
      The Vascular Surgery Laboratory at Harper Hospital is both a clinical and a research lab working as part of Wayne State University's Medical School. The lab sees patients with vascular disorders who are part of the general ...
    • King of Jazz: 2D Sidescroller Game for personal exploration of game development 

      Garcia, Nathan (2022)
      The paper is aimed at giving insight into the development of a 2D sidescroller called King of Jazz. While King of Jazz is in the very early stages of development, It is on a linear and well defined path of development. ...
    • A Life-changing Case Study in Mobile Application Development 

      Guedes, Guilherme Teles de Carvalho (2015)
      This paper is targeted to college students with the desire to build their own companies. I will do my best to provide relevant information that will help other students transform an idea into something people could use ...
    • Logic and some Applications to Computer Science 

      Arthur, Kenneth W. (1987)
      The study of logic has made two important contributions to computer science in general and artificial intelligence in particular. These contributions are logical programming languages and automated reasoning. This paper ...
    • A Look Into Video Game Development 

      Willey, Travis (2006)
      Video Games are always going to be popular. They have survived for many years and bring in new audiences with each generation. As technology advances, so will the video game. There will always be jobs available and a ...
    • Low Cost Neuromotor Evaluation and Rehabilitation Technologies 

      Rodseth, Jakob D. T. (2016)
      Under the guidance of Chandramouli Krishnan Ph.D., director of the University of Michigan NeuRRo Lab, the author developed and validated two tools for neuromoter evaluation and rehabilitation: a driving simulator for ...
    • Machine Learning and Epilepsy: Classifying Epileptic Brain States Using Sugihara Causality Networks 

      Kamalaldin, Kamal (2017)
      Epilepsy is a brain disease that profoundly affects the personal lives of its patients as well as the health care system needed to address it. Machine learning is a field of computer science experiencing a renaissance ...
    • The Making of Capek, an Interactive C Tutorial 

      McCarthy, James R. (1991)
    • Mapp : An Archaeological Mapping Application 

      Fletcher, Emily (2018)
      The author describes the process of designing a mobile phone app to assist archaeologists in the process of documenting and storing their field work digitally.
    • Massively Parallel Processor Machines: The Present and Future of Superconputing 

      Baker, Kirby L. (1993)
      For my Senior Individualized Project, I researched the new age of supercomputers called Massively Parallel Processor machines(MPP's). MPP's are the present and future of supercomputing, putting to rest the traditional ...
    • MATCOMP: A Program to Interact with Two Linear Algebra Packages 

      Kienle, Steven (1982)
      This SIP is the culmination of two separate projects: a programming project, and a research project. The programming project involved developing a program that interacts with two matrix computation packages, LINPACK and ...
    • Mathematical Models of Molecular Transitions 

      Einspahr, John (2002)
      During our summer of research, we attempted to enhance the mathematical modeling of the transition between conformational structures of molecules. We began our attempt by learning the general features of the mathematical ...