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  • Machine Learning and Epilepsy: Classifying Epileptic Brain States Using Sugihara Causality Networks 

    Kamalaldin, Kamal (2017)
    Epilepsy is a brain disease that profoundly affects the personal lives of its patients as well as the health care system needed to address it. Machine learning is a field of computer science experiencing a renaissance ...
  • Pause : Android Mobile Application 

    Koh, Younsuk (2017)
    Pause is an Android mobile application developed by the author in an attempt to address the rising social problems caused by modern social networking applications. The following contents will cover brief history of ...
  • Preparing Students for Coding in the Computer Science Industry 

    Galvin, Owen Rissmeyer (2017)
    The author describes his experience interning at VisTracks, programming features of their Android application.
  • Introducing Technology at North Star Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten 

    Arcienega, Nathan E. (2017)
    Over the summer, the author worked with a Montessori preschool and Kindergarten in his hometown. The Montessori philosophy is all about the student naturally engaging in a prepared environment choosing work they want to ...
  • Continuous Integration and Automated Testing 

    Lundy, Liam (2016)
    Software development is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. As research drives new technological advances, the software that powers these new technologies and allows developers to interface with them changes ...
  • Software Security : Bringing Heightened Awareness to Secure Coding 

    Miller, Joshua (2017)
    The goal of this paper is to bring awareness to the concept and process behind software security. We will look at the importance of having secure code, why developers and companies need secure code and why they would not ...
  • Modern Email Security Concerns : Threats to Email Privacy and Privacy Solutions 

    Fowler, John (2017)
    The modern criminal does not need brute force anymore to steal someone’s money or private information. Criminals that use email in nefarious ways can be harmful to the government, business and everyday citizens. Whether ...
  • The Arboretum App : Building a Virtual Trail Companion Guide 

    Smalley, Griffin G. (2016)
    The author spent this past summer building a mobile application that will serve as a “trail companion guide” for the Lillian Anderson Arboretum in Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Essentially, the app enhances visitors’ ...
  • Engineering At Xperiel 

    Fiator, Elizabeth (2017)
    This paper will reflect a three month internship as a software engineer at a startup called Xperiel. The topics that will be explored are: who is Xperiel? the Xperiel platform; engineering at Xperiel; the engineering team ...
  • Hierarchical Temporal Memory Examined 

    Rubin-McGregor, Elinor (2016)
    During the summer of 2016 the author completed a ten-week internship at IBM’s Almaden Research facility, which constituted as the research aspect of this SIP. She assisted Dr. Geoffrey Burr in his research on Machine ...
  • Swim for Success Mobile Application 

    Orwin, Colleen Elizabeth (2017)
    During the summer of 2016, the developer worked on creating a mobile application for the Swim for Success program. Swim for Success is a Civic Engagement Scholar program that is run at Kalamazoo College. During the program, ...
  • Computer Chess : The Drosophila of Computing 

    Timmons, Charles (2017)
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become quite popular recently. From the basis of sci-fi plots in movies like Terminator or Ex-Machina, to real-world applications like IBM’s Watson or Deep Blue, or AI that can create music, ...
  • The CASA Paradigm : Computers as Social Actors, and their Implications for Learning in the Twenty-First Century 

    Klein, Colin (2016)
    The author reviews research into how students respond to praise and evaluation by computer systems and establishes implications for future applications.
  • Campus Connect : Building an Application for Mobile Communication 

    Haffey, Austin (2016)
    The author describes the process of creating an App in Android Studio designed specifically for student organizations on school campuses, the main feature would be to create, update, manage, and organize groups of members. ...
  • Women in Computer Science 

    Diaz, Melany R. (2016)
    Women have played a crucial role in the evolution of computing, dating as far back as the development of the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine, by Ada Lovelace in the 19th century. Yet even with this ...
  • Exploration of Item and Associative Memory through an Image Recognition Task 

    Popovich, Zach (2016)
    The present study was designed to examine the memory performance of preterm children compared to that of full term. It is hypothesized that an individual born full term would have a greater memory than one who is born ...
  • Low Cost Neuromotor Evaluation and Rehabilitation Technologies 

    Rodseth, Jakob D. T. (2016)
    Under the guidance of Chandramouli Krishnan Ph.D., director of the University of Michigan NeuRRo Lab, the author developed and validated two tools for neuromoter evaluation and rehabilitation: a driving simulator for ...
  • The Plant ID Application : Building a Virtual Plant Handbook 

    Lacey, Ariah (2015)
    The author describes the process of designing a mobile guide to plant life based on a dichotomous key identification system. The goal was a simple field guide with a clean interface that could be easily expanded. The author ...
  • Sentiment Analysis : Building and Testing Four Ensemble Classification Methods 

    Hudson, Bo (2015)
    The goal of this project was to build a sentiment analysis classification based upon Machine Learning. The classification of Twitter tweets and Facebook comments allow for better marketing analysis while also saving an ...
  • Content Curation Web Application 

    Adams, Keaton (2013)
    The author describes his experience working on the Content Curation Web Application at Biggs-Gilmore in the summer of 2013. At its core, Biggs-Gilmore is an advertising agency located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The author ...