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  • Keywording Patient Data by Computer 

    Rosenberg, Jonathan B. (1976)
    The Vascular Surgery Laboratory at Harper Hospital is both a clinical and a research lab working as part of Wayne State University's Medical School. The lab sees patients with vascular disorders who are part of the general ...
  • A Comparison of the AIS-PL/I Compiler and Two DEC FORTRAN Compilers 

    Slocum, Michael A. (1977)
    This research evaluates the performance of code generated by the AIS-PL/1 compiler in three areas, and in an application related to research at the Machine Perception Labs, General Motors. The test programs are written in ...
  • A Problem in Business Forecasting 

    Wolfson, Robert (Kalamazoo College, 1977)
    The project began with an examination of available forecasting algorithms, and resulted in the picking and programming of one. Due to numerous constraints and different sets of requirements, the programming stage of the ...
  • Development of the 6800 Microcomputer System 

    Clark, Steven J. (1979)
    When I undertook this project I knew it was going to be hard and would take a lot of time. I thought I could do it, and this belief was based largely on a false assumption: that the 68𝜙𝜙 was ready to be used in such a ...
  • Delphi - A General Purpose Research Data Editing Language 

    Clyne, Mark (1980)
    Data editing is the process of checking data for possible inaccuracies. This paper describes possible types of data edits, discusses the underlying theory . used in generating a "complete set of edits" and the finding and ...
  • COBOL Re-Engineering: A Preliminary Design Specification 

    Deck, Michael (1981)
    Because unstructured COBOL is so difficult to read and to maintain, a method is required to convert unstructured COBOL programs into structured programs, either in COBOL or another, more easily structured language. Addressing ...
  • MATCOMP: A Program to Interact with Two Linear Algebra Packages 

    Kienle, Steven (1982)
    This SIP is the culmination of two separate projects: a programming project, and a research project. The programming project involved developing a program that interacts with two matrix computation packages, LINPACK and ...
  • OPA: An Othello Playing Algorithm 

    Bjornson, Robert D. (1983)
    Human intelligence seems to be closely related to flexibility and generalization, in agreement with current opinion characterizing human thought as heuristic and mechanical models as largely algorithmic. The Othello program ...
  • Two Interactive Programs Providing Basic Tools for Cash Flow Analysis and Depreciation Calculation 

    Haug, Martha (1983)
    This project began as an internship at GMI - Engineering Management Institute in the summer of 1982. The assignment there was to code in FORTRAN a, "Interactive, user friendly, menu driven program which would provide the ...
  • Instructional Media Service's Inventory Management System 

    Burrows, Howard A. (1983)
    This paper, or rather manual, describes the computerized Inventory Management System which was designed for the Audio/Visual Department at Kalamazoo College - Instructional Media Services. The purpose of this system is to ...
  • Data Base Management Systems 

    VanderWeele, Mary K. (1983)
    During the winter of 1983 I worked as an intern in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at GMI Engineering & Management Institute. Specifically, I created databases for office management and designed application ...
  • Computer Operations in the Business Environment 

    Lewis, Rankin M. (1983)
    This paper is an accumulation of three months work at Oldsmobile and at the State of Michigan Department of Mental Health Management Systems Division in Lansing, Michigan. The contents are to a certain extent very general ...
  • A Working SIP at Pontiac Motor Division 

    Piehl, Forrest L. (1984)
    As part of a General Motors Scholarship, I did my Senior Individualized Project at Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Corporation in Pontiac, Michigan. I worked there as an intern from September 4 through December ...
  • Work Experience at GMI Engineering and Management Institute 

    Ryan, Robert (1985)
    The following Senior Individualized Project is organized as a series of appendices that detail the project I worked on during my stay at GMI Engineering and Management Institute. My project was performed under the ...
  • An Analysis of the Computer Industry as Part of China's Commitment to Modernize 

    Johnson, Angela (1985)
    China has often been called the land of antiquity. This country of many imbalances, has the oldest recognizable civilization and the largest population in the world. Although the originator of many scientific ...
  • A Winter Study in SNOBOL 

    Piehl, Robin Herrick (1985)
    As a SIP project, I chose to work on an implementation of SNOBOL4 for the VAX 11/750. Since SNOBOL4 is an interpretive language, I first wrote Pascal procedures to translate SNOBOL4 source code into Pascal linked list ...
  • Automation and Database Implementation of a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer 

    Andresen, Kevin W. (1985)
    In today's highly technological society, more and more industrial systems are being automated using computers. T.he extent of this automation varies a great deal. Some systems are simply "hard-wired", with mechanical ...
  • A Working SIP at the Upjohn Company 

    Whaley, Gerald Thomas (1986)
    The author describes his internship as a programmer at The Upjohn Company designing the forms, editing the programming, performing data corrections, and designing reports for a clinical trial.
  • Software Design and Implementation of a UNIX Based Graphics System 

    Croyle, James L. (1986)
    The author describes his internship as a Programmer/Analyst at u.s. Windpower Inc., the nation’s largest windmill producer and his work on the design, implementation, and testing of a UNIX-based graphics system named AUTOGRAPH.