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  • Refactoring COMP:107 with Python in Google Colab 

    Giglio, Jasper (2022-11-01)
    As a computer science major and former teaching assistant, it is important to me to find ways to give back and help aspiring students feel welcomed into the department. That is why I spent my SIP working with Dr. Pam Cutter ...
  • My Internship Experience 

    Nartley-Tokoli, William (2023-03-01)
    In this SIP reflection, I will be retracing my experience in a 3-month internship at Amazon. This was my first internship and the experience I gained from this internship was exactly what I needed to start my career and ...
  • Administration & Website Design Internship : A Reflection 

    Hang, Vien (2022-11-01)
    In this paper, I will discuss my administration internship at BÜK STUDIOS & Co. and the continuation of the skills I obtained in my development of a website for a local Kalamazoo Thai restaurant, Bangkok Flavor. With both ...
  • Building a Web-based Interactive Query Builder at Microsoft 

    Bin Shafqat, Usaid (2023-01-01)
    Over the summer after my junior year, I spent twelve weeks interning at Microsoft, a multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, WA. During this time, I learnt various new technologies and was exposed to a ...
  • Data Sets and Dead Ends in My Summer Internship 

    Rowland, Tabitha (2022-09-05)
    During my experiential SIP, I learned about SQL and the resources available for online learning, the back-and-forth problem solving with big company IT departments to obtain needed program accesses, and the abilities that ...
  • How Technology is Used to Track Climate Change : Earth Observational Satellites 

    Sjogren, Sophia (2023-03-01)
    Understanding the environment and getting the whole picture of the climatological state is how decision-makers and the general public can best respond to climate change. Since 1958, starting with Explorer 1, satellites ...
  • VGI : Building a Talking Bot 

    Vogel, Robin (2023-03-01)
    Throughout my job at United Wholesale Mortgage over the summer, I was tasked with working on one main project. The team I worked with would call it VGI or Voice Guided Inspection. This paper will guide you through designing ...
  • Software Developer Engineer Intern at GoDaddy, Inc. 

    Moyo, Phumuzile (2023-01-01)
    During the summer of 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at GoDaddy Inc. as a Software Developer Engineer. This approximately 12-week program began on June 21 and ended on September 9. Not only did I contribute ...
  • Rocket Jump : A 2D infinite jumper for personal exploration of game development 

    Fuller, Nathaniel (2022-11-01)
    Gaming is quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the world. In 2022 a study found that over 3 billion people play some form of video games regularly (“Gamer Demographics”). That number will likely only grow ...
  • Finding Kylah : Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

    Davis, Kylah (2022-09-01)
    I wanted my biggest take away from this experience to be learning what jobs were out there in the computer science field. I learned that and so much more. This summer has allowed me to gain a new confidence in my programming ...
  • Reflections on the App Development Process 

    Barrett, Kristy (2022-11-15)
    Applications have revolutionized the way we use technology. While some of the most basic applications seem to be simple, there is much more to them than meets the eye. For an app to be deployed, there are many guidelines ...
  • My Internship Reflection as an Embedded Engineering 

    Hayashi, Jiniku (2022-09-01)
    My internship was with The Method Part, one of the smaller engineering corporations within Erlangen. It has engineering and consulting departments and I worked at the engineering department. There are almost 50 engineers, ...
  • Learning through Failures at Steelcase 

    Sommerville, Hanis L. (2022-11-01)
    This paper outlines the journey through my first project as an intern at Steelcase. This project was proposed by myself to solve an inefficiency I observed within my team and to serve as a learning opportunity. Throughout ...
  • Helping My Family Business 

    Ortega, Fatima R. (2022-11-01)
    The author describes the process of redesigning a website for the family business.
  • My Experience Interning for a Tech Start-Up 

    Vicker, Evan (2022-09-16)
    Throughout this summer, I was given the opportunity to work with a start-up company called VMET(Virtual Music Ensemble Technologies), working on their new software suite called Opus. Due to the small size and start-up ...
  • Pair Programming and the Software Intern Experience at Maestro and Atomic Object 

    Murphy, Erin (2023-03-01)
    I spent almost six months, from March to September 2022, working at two different internship positions in the software industry. My first internship was a nine-week-long spring internship at Atomic Object, and I worked 2-3 ...
  • Exploration of Technology in Interactive Learning 

    Lamb, Caroline (2023-03-01)
    For my SIP, I worked alongside Dr. Pam Cutter to try and build a virtual textbook through Runestone Academy which could be used as the central curriculum for the Comp 104 class. We intended to make use of the available ...
  • Summer in Software 

    Jewell, Ashani (2022-11-01)
    This summer I was offered the opportunity to work at an HR software company called Workday, which is located in Pleasanton, California. When looking the company up, you might run into the super jargony explanation of what ...
  • The problem of misinformation and disinformation, and how computer science can combat it 

    Molchagin, Aleksandr (2023-03-01)
    Misinformation and disinformation are two distinct terms with definitions that share a similar concept: spreading false information. While the problem of misinformation and disinformation is not new, the use of computers ...

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