This collection contains student intercultural research projects during their study abroad in Perth, Australia.

Recent Submissions

  • AQIS: Life in Quarantine 

    Geneczko, Charles M. (2003-01-06)
    The paper goes over a short history of AQIS and the various parts that were included in the program as well as an overview of Risk Analysis from text sources. The paper then goes into what it would take to bring Nutmeg, ...
  • "Slowly being poisoned." An outsider's look at solvent abuse in the Indigenous population of Australia 

    Shelden, Steven F. (2003-02-14)
    In the introduction of its final report regarding the Inquiry into the Inhalation of Volatile Substances, the Drugs and Crime Prevention committee (DCPC) states that "Volatile Substance Abuse is not a new phenomenon, but. ...
  • A Flora and Fauna Survey of Woody Island 

    Faust, Mara K. (2003-02-14)
    Woody Island is one of about 100 islands that make up the Archipelago of the Recherche, located on the southern coast of Western Australia, to the south and south-east of Esperance. It has the highest diversity ofland ...
  • Healthcare in Rural and Remote Areas of Australia 

    Levy, Lauren (2003-02-02)
    The vast expanse of land known as "Outback" Australia provides a considerable challenge to the delivery of medical care quickly and effectively to those seeking emergency treatment or even routine healthcare. Problems ...
  • A Comparison of Skin Care Attitudes Between Eastern and Western Cultures 

    Noe, Megan H. (2002-02-14)
    The societal definition of beauty is developed by entire cultures over time and carried out by future generations. Beauty encompasses fashion, make-up, hair, body type, and even skin color. In Western society tanned skin ...
  • Helping People With Dementia: Eliminating the Stigma of the Disease 

    Januszewski, Jacob (2004)
    My project involved observing the differences between, and analyzing psychological effects on people with dementia at facilities (Mary Chester Center and Rowethorpe Retirement Village) where the environment is positive ...
  • A Land Down Under: Solvent Abuse in Aboriginal Poluations 

    Sheldon, Steven F. (2003)
    An integrative cultural research project studying solvent abuse in the indigenous population of Australia.
  • Ningaloo Turtle Program 

    Granger, Adam (2006)
    I spent four weeks with the Ningaloo Turtle Program (NTP) based in Exmouth, Western Australia. Exmouth is a very small tourist town located right off the gigantic Ningaloo Reef on Australia's Northwest Cape. The NTP has ...
  • Healing Powers: A Look at Three Medical Traditions 

    Butler, Brendan F. (2006)
    My Integrative Cultural Research Project was a comparison of three medical traditions I experienced while abroad. The first medical tradition was orthodox Western medicine as practiced at Derbarl Yerrigan, a clinic in Perth ...