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    • Cabezarrubia: No solo un trabajo sino una aventura 

      Orr, Bret (1996)
      This project was a forced necessity. Far from being a portion of Spanish, Extremefio, or Cacereiio culture, the opportunity to play tennis that was presented to me prevented me from satisfactorily completing another ...
    • Teaching Methods and Family Influence of Spanish Children 

      Parker, Amy E. (2000)
      While visiting the preescholar I went with the intent of only observing for fear that I would influence a change in daily behaviors. However, I found that a roomful of curious kids will not allow this. My jobs became ...
    • Sergio's Peluqueria 

      Emami, Lisa (2000)
      During my project, To served the activities at Sergio's Peluquerfa, a Spanish hair-salon. My methodology mainly included two information-gathering techniques: formal interviews and informal conversations. Alongside consistent ...
    • La Guarderia: A Community of Care 

      Topacio, Aimee J. (2001)
      For my Integrative Cultural Research Project, I worked at a day care center which held children for ages six months to four-years-old. My primary role at the center was as an observer because my goal ofworking at the center ...
    • ICRP - My Experiences as an English Teacher's Aid in Caceres 

      Walther, William Kyle (2001)
      For my ICRP, I worked as a teacher's aid in the English department at a local school. I worked with three classes on a weekly basis. Two of the classes were from the fourth level (about 13 or 14 years old), and the other ...
    • Intercultural Research Project: Study of the Lives of Five Extremenan Women 

      Hagadone, Kate M. (2001-01)
      My project consisted of conducting interviews with local Spanish women. I selected five women to interview, and asked them questions about motherhood, marriage, education, and work, as well as a few general opinion questions. ...
    • Learning Flamenco in Caceres 

      Moon, Megen (2001-01)
      Dance may be one of the oldest art forms in the world, and it is a type of expression that I believe can provide valuable insight into the culture that created it. Therefor I choose to investigate the art of flamenco dancing ...
    • El poder de la imagen: un estudio sobre las imagenes de Cristo en las iglesia de Caceres 

      Aronson, Jill M. (2001-01-31)
      Después de dar una vuelta por la parte antigua de Cáceres por primera vez, quería explorar con más profundidad las tradiciones religiosas de la cuidad. Una vez al principio de mi estancia en España, estaba sentada en una ...
    • Proyecto integrado de cultura 

      Batizy, Rachel (2001-01-31)
      As a self developed ICRP, my proyect was structured around my needs of a minum required number of hours to enter veterinary school. I attented the veterinary clinic at the vet school one day a week. The hours depended on ...
    • Experiences in a Spanish Laboratory 

      Wilson, Christopher G. (2001-02-01)
      I was allowed to observe the workings of a Spanish laboratory at the school of veterinary medicine at the same university that I attended during the study abroad program. There I was (barely) allowed to participate in the ...
    • Museo de Bellas Artes 

      Ried, Brian (2001-02-09)
      The Integrative Cultural Reseach Project is an important aspect of the study abroad experience of Kalamazoo College. For my project within the culture of Caceres, Spain I chose to work in the Museo Provincial de Caceres, ...
    • ASPAINCA Internship Working with Mentally-Impaired Children and Young Adults 

      Lutz, Gina Marie (2003)
      ASPAINCA is a truly unique environment where young people with special needs have the opportunity to learn, work and socialize.
    • Singing with the Choir of the Universidad de Extremadura 

      Biglin, Paige L. (2004)
      For my ICRP, I joined the choir of the Unviersidad de Extremadura, where I was attending classes.
    • Asociación Síndrome Down de Extremadura 

      Pedroso, Farah L. (2006)
      The purpose of the Asociación is to help those with DS achieve total social integration and to educate parents and society about DS and the people it affects. Every week I worked for 2 hours with teenagers and adults ...
    • La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas 

      Curwen, Nicolás (2006)
      During my six month stay in Cáceres, Spain, I worked with the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, or the official school of language as an English Teaching Assistant. My ICRP became one of my most positive and challenging experiences ...
    • Hacer Calabazas 

      White, Nick (2007)
      Working at the association gave me an opportunity to bring my own cultural experiences into an arena where they would be appreciated: playing with kids. These interactions not only gave me insight into the culture I was ...
    • Introduction 

      Unknown author
      Languages have always fascinated me, as a young child growing up in rural Vermont I used to ask my neighbor, Edwin Nelson, to tell me stories just to hear the sound of his gurgly, almost unintelligible manner of speech. ...