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    • Art Classes 101 

      Clark, Britnei K. (2007)
      I worked in a school named San Jose El Mogote which had grade levels 1-6. I had the opportunity to research the strengths and weaknesses within the education system in Oaxaca. Teaching in Oaxaca helped me to better realize ...
    • The Art of Cooking: a Culinary Medium of Senegal 

      Dayton, Emily (2007)
      Food, cooking, and eating are a major part of daily Senegalese life. Exploring this culinary medium as my ICRP involved learning about their buying practices, the cookware, the history of various dietary staples.
    • Asociación Síndrome Down de Extremadura 

      Pedroso, Farah L. (2006)
      The purpose of the Asociación is to help those with DS achieve total social integration and to educate parents and society about DS and the people it affects. Every week I worked for 2 hours with teenagers and adults ...
    • ASPAINCA Internship Working with Mentally-Impaired Children and Young Adults 

      Lutz, Gina Marie (2003)
      ASPAINCA is a truly unique environment where young people with special needs have the opportunity to learn, work and socialize.
    • Bilingual Children in Germany 

      Ackerman, Emily (2008)
      For my ICRP, I babysat a 3 year old German girl in her family’s home outside of Nürnberg. While playing and speaking only English, Julieanne’s language skills improved over our time together. My final paper focused on the ...
    • Comparative Study Between Nutrition Programs in a Local NGO, CEISAN vs. the Ecuadorian Government 

      Trump, Alison (2008)
      Aim of study: Emerged from much controversy of effectiveness of public health care system in Ecuador. Aimed to observe how nutrition programs were being utilized to address the problem of malnutrition in Ecuador.
    • Crossing Borders and Bridging Gaps 

      Udow, Rachel (2007)
      Interacting with the abuelitos taught me that we could find common ground and communicate despite vast differences in age, ethnicity, language, social class, education, and religion. I also learned how to lead the abuelitos ...
    • Education and the Urban Youth in Quito 

      Brainerd, Rachel H. (2007)
      This school, like many others in Ecuador, is severely under-funded, meaning that daily we erased old workbooks so that others could use the same book. The children were usually behind in both math and language, and struggled ...
    • Empowerment of the People: a Fight for a New Constitution in Kenya 

      Whittington, Amber M. (2007)
      My ICRP allowed me to conduct on-site research on the Kenyan constitution and political system by participating in an internship with the National Convention Executive Council (NCEC). During my experience with the NCEC I ...
    • The Green Party in Erlangen and Bavaria 

      Brenneman, Lisa (2007)
      I worked as an intern with a member of the Green Party in Erlangen for the first four months of my stay in Germany. I attended meetings of all the factions of the Green Party, including a largely internet based group called ...
    • Hacer Calabazas 

      White, Nick (2007)
      Working at the association gave me an opportunity to bring my own cultural experiences into an arena where they would be appreciated: playing with kids. These interactions not only gave me insight into the culture I was ...
    • Healing Powers: A Look at Three Medical Traditions 

      Butler, Brendan F. (2006)
      My Integrative Cultural Research Project was a comparison of three medical traditions I experienced while abroad. The first medical tradition was orthodox Western medicine as practiced at Derbarl Yerrigan, a clinic in Perth ...
    • Helping People With Dementia: Eliminating the Stigma of the Disease 

      Januszewski, Jacob (2004)
      My project involved observing the differences between, and analyzing psychological effects on people with dementia at facilities (Mary Chester Center and Rowethorpe Retirement Village) where the environment is positive ...
    • How History and Culture Affect the Nature of Marriage within a Country 

      Loudenback, Ashleigh (2004)
      I analyzed the experience of marriage in Spain by looking at the country’s unique history (including the recent end of a dictatorship), the role of women, the effects of Catholicism, their cultural traditions and beliefs ...
    • Juntos Para Jugar 

      Payne, Erin (2006)
      Juntos Para Jugar is a non-profit organization that provides free time activities to persons with mental handicaps aged 15-50. The role of the volunteers was that of a friend, rather than an authority figure, although ...
    • La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas 

      Curwen, Nicolás (2006)
      During my six month stay in Cáceres, Spain, I worked with the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, or the official school of language as an English Teaching Assistant. My ICRP became one of my most positive and challenging experiences ...
    • A Land Down Under: Solvent Abuse in Aboriginal Poluations 

      Sheldon, Steven F. (2003)
      An integrative cultural research project studying solvent abuse in the indigenous population of Australia.
    • Las Ludotecas de Madrid 

      Chase, Patrick (2006)
      For my ICRP, I volunteered for the Spanish Red Cross, working in the ludotecas, or workshops. Through working in afternoon programs with children from ages five to twelve, I tried to delve deeper into Spanish society and ...
    • Learning to Make Jewelry with the Sow Family in the Artisans' Village 

      Rosenkrands, Kirsten (2003)
      For my ICRP, I apprenticed for four months in a traditional Senegalese jewelry shop located in the main artisans' village in Dakar, Senegal.