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    • Organizacion y Participacion de los Espanoles en el Deporte: Un Estudio Cultural 

      Cook, Jeremy (2003)
      Al principio fue el juego. ¿Quiénes era los primeros para participar en el deporte? Los griegos, los romanos, o ¿alguien antes? Nadie está seguro, pero dónde se originó no es importante. La actividad física y el deporte ...
    • Peng Ke Wan Sui! or May Punk Live for Ten Thousand Years! 

      Buck, Dan (2001-01-29)
      First and foremost, a warning to the reader: This paper will not at all reflect in-depth sociological research of modern Chinese society, as such a task is patently impossible. As Chinese society rushes at a desperate pace ...
    • Praktikum in Germanisches Nationalmuseum 

      Durkin, Doria (2002-01-01)
      In Deutschland hatte ich anfangs nur eine Idee, worüber ich mein ICRP machen wollte. Ich wollte im Stadtmuseum in Erlangen arbeiten. Also ging ich ins Museum und sprach mit der Sekretärin. Von ihr bekam ich Namen und ...
    • Program Research and Evaluation 

      Salzman, Sarna
      Programming is important because it is way to express information to a group of people. Programs are a method of organizing experienced people to impart some of their knowledge to a less experienced group. They are an ...
    • Proyecto integrado de cultura 

      Batizy, Rachel (2001-01-31)
      As a self developed ICRP, my proyect was structured around my needs of a minum required number of hours to enter veterinary school. I attented the veterinary clinic at the vet school one day a week. The hours depended on ...
    • Public Health / Humanitarian ICRP at CEISAN in Quito 

      Maurissen, Stéphanie L.C. (2003)
    • Reitsport in Bayern 

      Trible, Lauren E. (2001)
      We were informed upon our arrival in Erlangen that we would be required to find a 60 l10ur internship for our ICRP. I searched the riding club in Erlangen out independently and asked the trainer there if it woulcl be ...
    • Religion en Espana 

      Danford, Sabra E. (2001-02-02)
      El religión y la cultura de un pais tienen un conexión grande. Se puede aprender mucho sobre un pais y cultura por estudiando el religión. Tambien la historia y la historia religiosa pueden ayudar una persona mejor ...
    • Researching Heliconia in the Rainforest of Ecuador 

      Thompson, Desiree (2006)
      My project concentrated on the tropical false bird of paradise plants, Heliconia. I looked to see whether or not the Heliconia follow the Island Biogeography Theory, meaning that I looked at isolation of plants, as well ...
    • Residencia Infantil "Isabel Clara Eugenia" 

      Kistka, Julia (2001-01-29)
      Cuando llegué a España, no tuve ni idea que iba a hacer para mi rcRP proyecto. En octubre, tuvimos que pensar sobre nuestro proyecto y tomar una decisión final. Estaba pensando todos los días, pero todavía. no pude pensar ...
    • Saint-Louis Demb: A Glimpse Into Yesterday, A Perspective for Today 

      Pusateri, Kyle (1995)
      During my research for this project, the idea that Senegal is a society which reflects a blending of beliefs and traditions continued to surface in the books that I read That, I decided must be the key to the theme of this ...
    • La Sante Reproductive des Adolescents: Une Journee de Information 

      Beachy, Elizabeth D. (1996)
      Avant même d'arriver à Dakar j'avais decidé que je voulais profiter de mon sejour dans cette capitale Oueste-Africaine pour établir des contactes avec les Nations Unies et ses nombreuses divisions qui se trouvent à Dakar. ...
    • Schon So Lange Her: Teilnehmende Beobachtung und Sozialbetreuung in einem Deutschen Pflegeheim 

      Rigole, Annika (2003-02-07)
      Jedes Mal, wenn die Sonne aufgeht, werden Menschen einen Tag älter und Erinnerungen sind einen Tag weiter von ihnen entfernt. Als Kind scheint die Welt so einfach zu sein; später lernt man alles in Frage zu stellen. Wenn ...
    • Schwimmkultur Deutschlands: Eine Impression aus drei Städten 

      Hartwell, Kyle; Solberg, Janet L. (2006)
      An exploration of the swim culture of Germany in three German cities: Berlin, Munich and Erlangen.
    • Se Venden: Mis Chicles y Mi Futuro 

      Petroliunas, Ann (2002-02-14)
      Cuando alguien visita la Ciudad de Oaxaca, hay algunas cosas que nadie puede evitar: mole, mezcal, los mercados, Monte Albán, Santo Domingo y los vendedores en las calles. Muchos indígenas salen de sus pueblos a buscar ...
    • Senegal Program 

      Thynne, Angus
      My project started as an attempt to better understand the workings of an academic system that I thought didn't work very well. This was based on my observations made at the University Chiekh Anta Diop, which seemed to me ...
    • Sergio's Peluqueria 

      Emami, Lisa (2000)
      During my project, To served the activities at Sergio's Peluquerfa, a Spanish hair-salon. My methodology mainly included two information-gathering techniques: formal interviews and informal conversations. Alongside consistent ...
    • Singing with the Choir of the Universidad de Extremadura 

      Biglin, Paige L. (2004)
      For my ICRP, I joined the choir of the Unviersidad de Extremadura, where I was attending classes.
    • "Slowly being poisoned." An outsider's look at solvent abuse in the Indigenous population of Australia 

      Shelden, Steven F. (2003-02-14)
      In the introduction of its final report regarding the Inquiry into the Inhalation of Volatile Substances, the Drugs and Crime Prevention committee (DCPC) states that "Volatile Substance Abuse is not a new phenomenon, but. ...
    • Sozialnetz Asyl 

      Hildebrandt, Erika (2001-02-08)
      Ein wichtiges Thema für das heutige Deutschland ist Einwanderung, hauptsächlich weil es zur Zeit so viele Flüchtlinge und andere Einwanderer gibt. Deutschland ist normalerweise nicht als ein "Einwanderungsland" bekannt, ...