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    • Verstandigung in der Klasse 

      Steckler, Leslie (1995-01-27)
      Jeden Tag muß man sich verständig machen. Kommunikation wird in jeden Teil der Gesellschaft benötig. Aber wo lernt man, wie er sich verständig machen soll? Bestimmt gibt es viele Sachen, die eine Kommunikationsart prägen. ...
    • Viengping Children's Home: How One Welfare Home has Dealt with the HIV/AIDS Pandemic 

      Book, Robert T., Jr. (2002-02-18)
      In this paper, I examine how Viengping Children's Home (VCH) deals with HIV positive children at their home. In the introduction, I discuss what my job entailed at VCH and who works there. In the research section, I discuss ...
    • Women Behind the Veil: Toward a Cultural and Religious Understanding of the States of Muslim Women 

      Nix-Stevenson, Dara
      Throughout Islamic history, institutions and modes of thought devised by early Muslim societies have donned the core discourses of Islam and have played a central role in defining women's place in Muslim societies. Across ...
    • Women in Labor: Working as a Labor/Delivery Nurse in Nairobi's Kenyatta National Hospital 

      McBarnes, Kristin M. (2006)
      Before I went to Kenya, I was very interested in maternal health and midwifery, so I decided to continue exploring this interest while abroad. In Kenya, over fifty percent of all children are not born in a hospital; so ...
    • Women in Senegal: Power and Control 

      Siddall, Blythe K. (1996-06)
      My research project will revolve around the topic of women in Senegal. I have recently begun my internship with the United Nations Children's Fund and although it is not strictly focused on women, UNICEF does a lot of work ...
    • Women in the Informal Sector of Takaungu 

      Eisin, Audra K. (1996-02)
      The main issues that were undertaken in the research concentrated on the economic power of the women in this town: how, when and why they began their business, where the profits of their labor went to, etc. As the research ...
    • The Work of a Christian Church and Seminary in Spain 

      Williams, Klayvaughn S. (2003)
      My ICRP was one of the best experiences of my study abroad adventure. I worked at a church and seminary studying Christianity, different culture's beliefs and diverse aspects of faith in Jesus Christ.
    • Working in the AIDS Ward of Amurt Health Clinic 

      Brinley, Alaina (2006)
      Working in a small health clinic in Kenya was not easy; however it was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Every day when I entered the clinic, there would be people sitting all along the walls of the third ...
    • Yahoo Lahu! The Hypothetical Establishment of a Health Project for Tribal People in the United States 

      Heilbrun, Noah C. (2002-02-18)
      Thailand underwent "the fastest spread of HIV ever documented." Most of the infections were concentrated in the North, which is also the region containing the majority of Thailand's tribal people. In response to inadequate ...