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    • Abortion in Kenya: A Clinical Case Study 

      Barry, Elizabeth (2007-06-07)
    • AIDS: Changing the Traditional Communal Values in Kenya 

      Cunningham, Ronda (1996)
      AIDS is not a new issue in the world and Kenya is no exception to this. Since the first case of AIDS was documented in 1981 this disease has sent the world into panic. The story in Kenya is much the same as in the rest of ...
    • AQIS: Life in Quarantine 

      Geneczko, Charles M. (2003-01-06)
      The paper goes over a short history of AQIS and the various parts that were included in the program as well as an overview of Risk Analysis from text sources. The paper then goes into what it would take to bring Nutmeg, ...
    • Art Classes 101 

      Clark, Britnei K. (2007)
      I worked in a school named San Jose El Mogote which had grade levels 1-6. I had the opportunity to research the strengths and weaknesses within the education system in Oaxaca. Teaching in Oaxaca helped me to better realize ...
    • Art in Germany, or My Experience with Choir and Theater 

      Polcyn, Lynnette (2001-02)
      Ijoined the "Academic Choir" at the Friederich-Alexander University, ErlangenNurnberg because I enjoy choir and have had many years ofprevious choir experience. Because ofmy previous musical knowledge I was able to ...
    • The Art of Cooking: a Culinary Medium of Senegal 

      Dayton, Emily (2007)
      Food, cooking, and eating are a major part of daily Senegalese life. Exploring this culinary medium as my ICRP involved learning about their buying practices, the cookware, the history of various dietary staples.
    • Asociación Síndrome Down de Extremadura 

      Pedroso, Farah L. (2006)
      The purpose of the Asociación is to help those with DS achieve total social integration and to educate parents and society about DS and the people it affects. Every week I worked for 2 hours with teenagers and adults ...
    • ASPAINCA Internship Working with Mentally-Impaired Children and Young Adults 

      Lutz, Gina Marie (2003)
      ASPAINCA is a truly unique environment where young people with special needs have the opportunity to learn, work and socialize.
    • Bilingual Children in Germany 

      Ackerman, Emily (2008)
      For my ICRP, I babysat a 3 year old German girl in her family’s home outside of Nürnberg. While playing and speaking only English, Julieanne’s language skills improved over our time together. My final paper focused on the ...
    • The Body Ornamentation of the Maasai: A Gender-Focused Study 

      Barry, Elizabeth (1996-02-10)
      The clips we in America get to see of Kenya are few. A selected slice of culture is delivered to our living rooms via television shows, our co1fee tables via the glossy pages of National Geographic, and our classrooms via ...
    • Building a Better Future ACJ Asociacion Cristiano de Jovenes 

      Bowman, Marietta (2001-02-14)
      Associated with the global organization of YMCA, ACJ holds the same philosophies of its parent organization, but has adapted them to the specific needs of Costa Rica. While the YMCA of the United States focuses on organizing ...
    • Cabezarrubia: No solo un trabajo sino una aventura 

      Orr, Bret (1996)
      This project was a forced necessity. Far from being a portion of Spanish, Extremefio, or Cacereiio culture, the opportunity to play tennis that was presented to me prevented me from satisfactorily completing another ...
    • Ceramica de Monte Alban 

      Wyklige, Alyssa
      Mi proyecto era trabajar en un laboratorio clasificando cerámica de Monte Albán, un sitio arqueológico en el valle de Oaxaca, México. Era la capital de la civilización zapoteca durante el apogeo de su poder. Es comparable ...
    • Clinica Integrada de Tibas 

      Anthony, Navin (2000-02)
      In my experience at the Clinica Integral de Tibas, I was able to follow and observe certain doctors from different parts of health care and understand their role in keeping the community healthy. I followed around 2 family ...
    • Coches, Trenes y el Medio Ambiente - Una Investigacion con los Amigos de la Tierra 

      Berta, Amelia (2001-02)
      üü hecho es que los cemms de las ciudades estan Henos de geme. Otro hecho es que esas personas necesitan moverse desde un local a otro. El problema es cOmO hacerlo con el mínimo impacto al medio ambiente, con Centms ...
    • Comparative Study Between Nutrition Programs in a Local NGO, CEISAN vs. the Ecuadorian Government 

      Trump, Alison (2008)
      Aim of study: Emerged from much controversy of effectiveness of public health care system in Ecuador. Aimed to observe how nutrition programs were being utilized to address the problem of malnutrition in Ecuador.
    • A Comparison of Skin Care Attitudes Between Eastern and Western Cultures 

      Noe, Megan H. (2002-02-14)
      The societal definition of beauty is developed by entire cultures over time and carried out by future generations. Beauty encompasses fashion, make-up, hair, body type, and even skin color. In Western society tanned skin ...
    • The Contemporary Feminist Movement in Spain: 

      Fanta, Abigail (1995-01)
      As a Human Development and Social Relations major with a concentration in Women's Studies, I have a special interest in studying social personas, especially how sex roles manifest themselves in any given society. For the ...
    • Crossing Borders and Bridging Gaps 

      Udow, Rachel (2007)
      Interacting with the abuelitos taught me that we could find common ground and communicate despite vast differences in age, ethnicity, language, social class, education, and religion. I also learned how to lead the abuelitos ...
    • Culture as Reflected in Language: A Comparison of English and Kiswahili 

      McLin, Michelle (1996-05-31)
      This study is a comparison of English Language and the Kiswahili Languages. Its aim is to demonstrate how each of these respective cultures have influenced the respective languages. Because there are many aspects of ...