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  • 70 Days: An Installation 

    Reckley, Amy (1998)
    I wanted to visually represent the idea of documentation, but more of memory through installation and the manipulation of place. The consciousness of how we keep tangible objects, order images in our memory, and face ...
  • 9 Self Portraits 

    Christopher, Steven (2006)
    It is hard to conceive of just how far my self portraits have come from when they were just a glimmer in my thought. The entire concept in my head has evolved a great deal to become what they are today. I had initially always ...
  • An Abridged Representation of and Response to Life 

    Topper, Carolyn (2017)
    An overview of Carolyn Topper’s SIP, methods, and brief explanation of prior work. Works initially include illustrations and text about everyday life, and evolve into conceptual work that critiques meaning and interpretation ...
  • Abstract Painting and Visual Perception : A comparative study of Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian 

    Kosbab, Frances, 1943-1992 (1965)
    This paper is an exploration or the value of the formal elements of modem abstract painting. It is centered around the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian who were among the first and most influential artists ...
  • Active Absence 

    Hurd, Kelly (2010)
    Distilled down to its most basic elements, photography is a medium of inherent tensions and dualities. Light, the most essential component, is both what creates and destroys a photograph. While in one application photography ...
  • Andy Warhol: A Mirror of the Modern World 

    Tompkins, Courtney (2008)
    A journal of time spent at the Detroit Institute of Art.
  • Another Side : A Photography Senior Individualized Project 

    Rausse, Peter (2009)
    The "8x10" view camera takes the idea of having a small screen on which to compose your image and increases it greatly. While shooting with the large format camera what you see on the screen is what you get. There is no ...
  • Aquarelli: a SIP Presentation in Watercolors and Pastels for Fall of 1989 

    Valente, Loriana (1989)
    The author describes the process of creating a collection of seven watercolors and pastels, based on organic forms. She discusses her use of color and the inspiration of her teacher, Bernard Palchick, Denice Luceky, Georgia ...
  • The Architecture of Antoni Gaudi I Cornet 

    Mann, Richard G. (1972)
  • Art Against the Grain: Harmony of Form and Function in Furniture Design 

    Lindau, Elizabeth (1996)
    The author describes the process of designing and constructing a contemporary wooden desk set with two sets of drawers and matching bookends.
  • Art and Society: A Research Internship at The Detroit Institute of Arts 

    Pohrt, Tanya (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 1996)
  • Art History and Museology : The Display of Culturally Purposeful Objects in Museums 

    Ciak, Arica (2010)
    The author discusses the history and popularity of natural history museums and their 19th century tradition of cultural taxonomy, the relationship between the viewer and the display of cultural artifacts, and then considers ...
  • Art Senior Comp Paper 

    Muiznieks, Sarma (1982)
    The author describes the process of creating her senior collection of charcoal and pastel drawings.
  • Art SIP 

    Espinel, Peggy (2001)
    The author describes the process of creating a collection of paintings based on indigenous and feminist images.
  • Art SIP in Figure Drawing 

    Whittaker, Mary (1979)
    The author describes the development of her senior collection of drawings.
  • Art SIP Synopsis 

    Dagostini, Phillip (1979)
    The author describes his collection of sculture and ceramic pieces.
  • Art Thesis 

    Harker, Susan (1984)
    The author discusses the competing challenges of student teaching in a middle school and preparing her own senior collection of paintings, drawings, ceramics, and sculpture.
  • Art Thesis 

    Russell, Jenny (1984)
    The author describes her relationship to the subjects--people, cats, horses--found in her senior collection of paintings and drawings.
  • The art/Thea rt/T heart 

    Nichols, Thea Liberty (2002)
    “This body of work represents an ongoing composite of dichotomies made visual. Each piece was designed with the idea of representing the inherent tension between the visible and the invisible, the interior and the exterior, ...
  • Artemisia Gentileschi as a Master Caravaggist : The Baroque Painter and Her Women - Rethinking the Feminist Paradigm 

    Axe, Sara (1998)
    The author evaluates the life and work of the Seventeenth Century Italian painter, with an emphasis on the influence of Caravaggio, her father, Orazio Gentileschi, and the very public rape trial in 1612 involving a male ...