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    • 9 Self Portraits 

      Christopher, Steven (2006)
      It is hard to conceive of just how far my self portraits have come from when they were just a glimmer in my thought. The entire concept in my head has evolved a great deal to become what they are today. I had initially always ...
    • Art Senior Comp Paper 

      Muiznieks, Sarma (1982)
      The author describes the process of creating her senior collection of charcoal and pastel drawings.
    • Art SIP 

      Espinel, Peggy (2001)
      The author describes the process of creating a collection of paintings based on indigenous and feminist images.
    • Art SIP Synopsis 

      Dagostini, Phillip (1979)
      The author describes his collection of sculture and ceramic pieces.
    • Busstop and Other Stories in Oil 

      Roberts, Jean (1988)
      The author describes the process of creating a collection of oil paintings. (Slides not included)
    • The Byzantine Art of Mosaic 

      Anderson, Patricia Harris (1963)
      Before beginning on a paper of this nature, it is always necessary to make a few comments and statements of intention. First, since this is a paper on an entirely factual and noncontroversial subject, the information must ...
    • A Checklist of Drawings, Watercolors, and Lithographs by George Catlin and Karl Bodner now in the Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library, Chicago 

      Lange, Thomas (1971)
      The Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library in Chicago has 217 original drawings by George Catlin bound in two volumes, entitled by Catlin, "Souvenir of North American lndians". Although not listed in the public catalogue, ...
    • A Commitment to Art 

      Clancy, Paul M. (1984)
      The author presents his senior collection of figure and still life drawings with a reflection on how he changed his major to art.
    • Compromise in the Face of Reality 

      Musilli, Nancy (1991)
      The author describes how her senior project changed from a collection of portraits to a collection of six portraits and 13 still life paintings.
    • Dr. Schmeichel Memorabilia: a Painting SIP 

      Coughlin, Holly (2006)
      The author discusses how her collection of sixteen oil paintings were inspired by childhood memories and stories shared by Dr. Waldemar Schmeichel during the religion class, "The Historical Jesus." She describes how she ...
    • Drawing 

      Riker, Ellen (1976)
      The author discusses how her senior collection evolved from components for a planned collage to stand alone works.
    • Eat What You Want Do What You Can 

      Kuthe, Adam (2000)
      All these works are true stories. The stories themselves become irrelevant but the fact that there are stories seems important. I liken this project to made for television movies that begin with a disclaimer explaining ...
    • Emancipation 

      Roose, Carl (2000)
      Throughout the project, I was primarily interested in formal issues; profound content or suggested narratives are for the most part accidental in these works. I took this cue (only somewhat consciously) from the Italian ...
    • Exhibition April 2-9, 1994 : "Oneiramancy" 

      Gallagher, Patrick (1994)
      A collection of seventeen oil paintings a critical reflection on postmodern painting.
    • Explorations in Realism 

      Lackey, Jennifer (1995)
      The author describes the process of planning and executing a series of five representational paintings, both still lifes and portraits.
    • Flat Space: Reflections on the Senior Induvidualized Project 

      Shuster-Tucker, Sarah (2008)
      Since before I was aware of the fascination it held for me, the idea of confusing perceptions of space in rendered images has influenced my art. I realize in retrospect that most of the drawings, paintings, and sculptures ...
    • Hello: A Series of Oil Paintings 

      Lindholm, Amy (2008)
      I worked specifically in the medium of oil paint. I constructed three large pieces, all self portraits, that fell under the exhibition title of "Hello." The images represented by these three large paintings were a facial ...
    • Illusion Scapes 

      Fredrickson, Kyle M. (2000)
      The author describes the development of his collection of structural oil paintings.
    • Latin American Culture from an Outsider's Viewpoint 

      Savić, Melinda (2007)
      For the past five years or so, since I have taken up Spanish, I have not only been learning a new language, I also got to learn about a new culture: that of Latin America. Throughout those five years, I had the luck to ...
    • Layers of a Universal Soul: A Mixed Media Installation 

      Danforth, Megan (1997)
      The author describes her study abroad experience in Chile which she photographed for her senior project, a mixed media installation using handmade paper to frame and display the dye sublimation prints of her photography.