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    • 2,200 Miles : A Graffiti SIP 

      Popper, Ayesha (2014)
      The artist writes “Ever since graffiti came into existence, it has been male dominated. The word graffiti has had a lot of negative connotations. Graffiti has mainly been used to claim turf in all kinds of cities and ...
    • An Abridged Representation of and Response to Life 

      Topper, Carolyn (2017)
      An overview of Carolyn Topper’s SIP, methods, and brief explanation of prior work. Works initially include illustrations and text about everyday life, and evolve into conceptual work that critiques meaning and interpretation ...
    • Alien Invasion! Invasive Insect Species of Michigan and the Midwest 

      Michayluk, Sarah (2010)
      Artist’s Statement: “Upon taking an entomology course at Kalamazoo College, my dislike and fear of bugs and insects transformed into a great fascination of the small creatures and the miniature world they inhabit. After ...
    • Art Against the Grain: Harmony of Form and Function in Furniture Design 

      Lindau, Elizabeth (1996)
      The author describes the process of designing and constructing a contemporary wooden desk set with two sets of drawers and matching bookends.
    • At Liberty 

      Douglas, Mollie (2003)
      The purpose of this project was to inspire people to think about who they are and what they stand for. In a time of international animosity and political discord it is difficult to feel patriotic on any level. My classmates ...
    • Bandaid for a Bullet Wound 

      Olson, Joana (2005)
      The paintings in Bandaid for a Bullet Wound are abstractions based on the visual disturbances and symptoms of migraines. Migraine sufferers usually experience a severe, pounding headache, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to ...
    • Beloved: The Garden 

      Ramos, Mary Dawn Ponce (1996)
      Ten years ago, a young girl picked up a pencil. It was yellow and dull at the tip, but to this young girl it was something much more than a writing instrument. She saw stories aching to be written with this ordinary ...
    • Body Language: Investigations in Anatomy through Idiomatic Language 

      Prophit, Maren (2019)
      My main objective in this project was to observe and explore the treatment of the human body through idiomatic language. Having developed perspectives in both the sciences and the fine arts, my own interests in the human ...
    • Bringing Children's Art into Nature : A Community Art SIP 

      Schaub, Jamie L. (2011)
      For the summer of 2011 I was an intern at Edison Environmental Science Academy in Kalamazoo, ML I helped facilitate a Garden Camp which took place two days a week at the garden outside the school, and two days a week at ...
    • Broken Dreams: A Visual Art SIP 

      Widman, Amber (2001)
      Broken Dreams contained nine pieces. It contained 3 stools, a magazine rack, a wooden plate, a lamp, a candlestick, a cup, and a mirror. For the SIP, I named the pieces (mostly for simplicities sake). The silver stool ...
    • Cell 

      Masson, Scott Forrester (2001)
      The author describes the inspiration for a series of line drawings portraits of people on cell phones.
    • Chthonic : Portraits of the Underworld 

      Koronkieiwcz, Amber (2019)
      My project was an exploration of myself, focusing on negative emotions. I did this through using the lenses of the rivers of the Greek Underworld. I painted five self portraits that each displayed a negative emotion ...
    • Circadian Habits 

      Busch, Leah (2005)
      The artist write, “The amount of light we are exposed to crucially affects our internal clocks. Our bodies respond to routine, forming habits and unconscious patterns. These life cycles construct the fractals of a modern ...
    • Co-coon(ing) 006 

      Scott-Meisel, Margo (2005)
      The author explores the question of “Why do we make art?” and how viewers interact with artwork through an installation/performance piece using gauze, felted fiber patches, steel tubing, light, and herself to create a ...
    • A Collection of Days 

      Attaway, Meredith Elaine (2003)
      The author describes her project as a painted diary, an exhibit drawn from daily 18”x18” oil paintings depicting friends and events from January, February, and March 2003. She describes influences from Leonardo da Vinci, ...
    • Collection of Wounds 

      Gaunt, Lauren (2015)
      This paper details the artist's process in creating the series of seven acrylic paintings, Collection of. Wounds. The collection is a result of a personal fascination with skin and the human body. The artist uses photographs ...
    • Compassion 

      Flores, Emily (2001)
      The author discusses the preparation of her senior art exhibit. In oil and charcoal she explores the basic needs of children for education, food, water, and shelter. She discusses the influence of Marisol Escobar.
    • Complexities in Simplicity : A Painting and Sculpture SIP 

      Gayde, Sarah Therese (2009)
      The artist writes “When I first began developing my ideas for this series, my focus was purely on color, design and pattern. What I thought was simple and straightforward was soon challenged. I was encouraged to explore ...
    • The Confounded Cosmic 

      Ehman, Nathanael (2022-03-01)
      My most recent paintings have been based on my lifelong fascination with the cosmos and the hauntingly beautiful nature of this domain. Outer space stands in contrast with many of the comforts and securities we experience ...
    • Constriction : Experiments in Movement 

      Slough, Audrey (2013)
      The artist writes, “For most dancers, it is desirable to hone technique to perfection; to live graceful and poised lives like those of our predecessors. We strive for control in our work, and often strive for control ...