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    • Aquarelli: a SIP Presentation in Watercolors and Pastels for Fall of 1989 

      Valente, Loriana (1989)
      The author describes the process of creating a collection of seven watercolors and pastels, based on organic forms. She discusses her use of color and the inspiration of her teacher, Bernard Palchick, Denice Luceky, Georgia ...
    • Dust to Dust 

      Berger, Laurel (1987)
      The author discusses her senior collection of animal drawings inspired by their structural diversity and biological complexity and her study abroad experience in Kenya.
    • Honeymoon Decorations 

      Lager, Matthew L. (1992)
      A collection of 16 oil paintings
    • Industrial Interiors: Gallery Show Paper 

      Yeomans, Lela (1990)
      The author describes her mixed media art installation designed to express a personal statement of life as a human being in industrialized society (no slides included).
    • A Journey in and of Itself 

      Pease, Adam (1990)
      The author describes the process of creating a collection of personal expression paintings. (No slides included)
    • Living with the Beast 

      Leary, Elizabeth A. (1991)
      The goal of my SIP experience was to develop a set of drawings that represented a culmination of four years of training in studio art, and that began to exhibit a style of my own. Since both my greatest strength and ...
    • Our Living Frame 

      Norman, Megan (1990)
      The author describes the inspiration she finds in architecture for her collection of thirteen watercolors that explore the beauty of both architectural and human structures.
    • Paintings 

      Sheridan, Kym (1992)
      A collection of 19 watercolors and paper collages.
    • Potters and Pottery Making in the Western Highlands of Guatemala: Their Social and Economic Setting, the Technique of the Trade and Important Public Health Aspects 

      Tourney, Catherine Marie (1979)
      I went to Totonicapan, Guatemala with the intention of studying the art and technology of the traditional pottery. My aim was to study the ceramics market and to see if the introduction of plastics and metals was having ...
    • Selected Course Work Produced at Kendall College of Art and Design 

      Burris, Jennifer S. (1987)
      The author discusses her senior collection of drawings, graphic design classes at Kendall, and internship with Biggs/Gilmore Marketing in Kalamazoo
    • Transformations: Photographing the Nude - A Written Statement 

      Whiting, Elizabeth K. (1988)
      As an Art History major, making my own art instead of researching someone else's work may not seem like a logical or even natural choice, but then slaughtering my finest impulses does not make any sense either. I struggled ...
    • Water Color Paintings 

      Amendt, Laura (1990)
      The author discusses her SIP experience including watercolor paintings of three different types of subjects: still life, landscape, and abstract. (No slides included)