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    • Active Absence 

      Hurd, Kelly (2010)
      Distilled down to its most basic elements, photography is a medium of inherent tensions and dualities. Light, the most essential component, is both what creates and destroys a photograph. While in one application photography ...
    • Another Side : A Photography Senior Individualized Project 

      Rausse, Peter (2009)
      The "8x10" view camera takes the idea of having a small screen on which to compose your image and increases it greatly. While shooting with the large format camera what you see on the screen is what you get. There is no ...
    • The art/Thea rt/T heart 

      Nichols, Thea Liberty (2002)
      “This body of work represents an ongoing composite of dichotomies made visual. Each piece was designed with the idea of representing the inherent tension between the visible and the invisible, the interior and the exterior, ...
    • Beauty as an Experience of Life 

      Heffernan, Moira (2005)
      Beauty as an Experience of Life is a faux museum exhibit that addresses the use of photography as a means of recording and preserving memories from our personal lives. It emphasizes the development of the Kodak Camera in ...
    • Between Image/Text/Symbol 

      Gothard, Adam (2018)
      The author writes "In a series of six drawings, I examined the relationship of image, text, and symbol by emulating medieval European illuminated manuscripts, in which they mingled and conversed with one another. I worked ...
    • Blue Sky, Red Earth : Portraits of Laverton 

      Askew, Alana (2002)
      The author describes the process of photographing the Wongatha Women of Northeastern Perth, Australia.
    • A Case Study 

      Keen, Nicholas (2014)
      “To the viewer, I offer my best and worst moments and a great deal of the mundane. Art is no finite concept, art is. It doesn’t start or end at any particular point, it exists on a continuum – it’s a matter of whether you ...
    • Cellular Distortion : Works in the Digital Arts 

      Bjornard, Kristian (2003)
      An installation of digital images inspired by the electronic devices that enslave us.
    • CHHAU : An Ethnographic Documentary 

      Gillstrom, Elizabeth (2007)
      The author describes the process of turning her experience with a West Bengal folkdance into a documentary film. Video available on campus.
    • Choose Your Own Vacation 

      Fisher, Joshua (2002)
      The author describes the evolution of his project from photographing popular travel destinations around the country to a presentation that has viewers select vacation destinations then experience a slide presentation and ...

      Harvey, Cheyenne Sierra (2015-04)
      On July 27th 2014 my family home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, along with two other houses on my block, burned down. On this day our family home of 20 years was transformed into something antithetical to my idea of “home.” ...
    • Craving Color : Video Documentary SIP 

      Santoro, Lisa Cairn (2009)
      The author describes the creation of a documentary film on color and synesthesia. Video available on campus.
    • The Creation of "Weird People Do Good Things" 

      Walters, Jessica (2014)
      The author describes the process of creating a short film. Film available on campus.
    • Dreams of Ecuador 

      Sales-Griffin, Melba (2012)
      The author describes her senior collection of photo collages inspired by her study abroad experience in Ecuador and the process of manipulating the images in Photoshop to make them convey a fantastical, dreamlike experience.
    • Encontrando mi Cultura : A Mexican-American Perspective on Culture in Kalamazoo College Photography Series 

      Alaniz, Alejandro (2018)
      The artist writes "for my SIP, I want to capture the unique expressions that many Mexican American students go through to be true to themselves while living on the campus of private liberal arts college. Through the use ...
    • The Ends of the Spectrum 

      Harbage, Ian (2010)
      The author describes his concept, influences, and the construction process for his senior sculpture installation on the Kalamazoo College campus.
    • the everyday feminine 

      Ward, Claire (2021-06-01)
      the everyday feminine works to reframe the way femininity is portrayed in photography, rejecting the use of the male gaze to present the raw, natural, and real side to feminine identity. Photographing my roommates as we ...
    • Experimental Self : a Series of Black and White Self Portraits 

      Koch, Andrea (2000)
      The author describes the technical and artistic challenges of being both photographer and model.
    • Feeling Home 

      Schmidt, Eva-Marie R. (2011)
      The author describes her collection of photographs exploring awareness, which she describes as “exploring what I can capture when I let the world happen around me, or when I am still and let the photography happen around ...
    • The Flow of Eternity 

      White, Joshua (2002)
      The author describes the evolution of a body of photographic work combining the styles of his three greatest influences: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Richard Misrach. He revisited some of the same places where Weston ...