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    • Works on Paper 

      Gerard, John (1977)
      The author describes his senior collection of paintings and the importance of color and spacial harmony in his work.
    • The WPA Federal Art Project: A Dark Age Averted 

      Alarie, Patricia (1983)
      "There is a theory that art always somehow takes care of itself, as if it were a rootless plant feeding upon itself in sequestered places. Many people are willing to believe, in a time like this, when art patronage has ...
    • Writing Comics 

      Podolny, Alexis (2001)
      The author describes the process of writing, drawing and producing "Hostess Girl," a collection of comic strips.
    • Written Comprehensives 

      Brady, Kevin D. (1983)
      The author presents his senior collection of drawings and discusses his influences.
    • Yasuo Kuniyoshi: Individual among American Artists 

      Minarovic, Marianne (1967)
      The first section of this text is primarily concerned with innovations and movements in the modern art world, beginning with the twentieth century and concentrating mainly on trends in America. It is descriptive in ...
    • You Specify It; We Fabricate It An Analysis of Artistic Intent During the Conservation of Tony Smith's Gracehoper 

      Whistler, Hannah (2011)
      A journal of time spent at the Detroit Institute of Art.
    • You're Just Fattening Me Up to Eat Me, Aren't You 

      Findley, Susan (2010)
      The real purpose in these plates was to establish a dialogue between viewers, to get people to talk about their eating habits and obesity as it relates to American life. While we are not the only country to suffer from an ...