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    • Images of Moods 

      Michael, Sheila H. (1988)
      The author describes her senior painting collection. (Slides not included)
    • Images of the Virgin Mary: As Seen in Annunciations 

      Goostrey, Emily Frances (1980)
      The representation of Biblical scenes, such as the Annunciation, in artistic form, have many aspects in which the images of the figures change. Historical events and changes in theological doctrine, as well as scientific ...
    • Images Through the Eyes of the Visually Impaired 

      Anderson, Timo (1995)
      This past fall I spent four months working at Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts. During this time I tried to understand what it was like to be without sight. One thing I found out quickly was that ...
    • Impact 

      Stearns, Luke (2002)
      The author discusses the process of compiling a collection of photographs using a pinhole camera to shoot scenes from Kalamazoo and Cleveland, primarily factories and abandoned buildings. The author’s intention was to not ...
    • The Impact of Johannes Itten on the Early Years of the Bauhaus 

      Thompson, Jonathan (2004)
      The author discusses the teaching career and theories of Johannes Itten at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany from 1919 to 1923. Itten's theories are described within the context of his own development as an educator and ...
    • In Review 

      Patton, J. Caleb (2019)
      My Senior Individualized Project (SIP) is a collection of oil paintings entitled "In Review.” The paintings are representational abstractions, translating various facets of my time as a college student into simple colors ...
    • In Shades of Black and White : A Critical Analysis of Selected Works by Lorna Simpson and Carrie Mae Weems 

      McMeans, Tanj (2011)
      The author explores how race, identity and representation were factors in specific works of art by two African-American women artists working in the 1980s and 90s, Carrie Mae Weems and Lorna Simpson. She observe how both ...
    • In/Organ : A Senior Individualized Project 

      Johnson, Beth (2007)
      The artist writes, “On one hand, the modem city is planned, rational and meticulously ordered; it is, in a way, a machine for its inhabitants' survival. Individuals in the city would, according to this definition, be ...
    • Inca Genealogy Portraits of Viceregal Peru 

      Stevens, Shelley (2010)
      The author catalogs a collection of thirteen portraits painted in tempera of the Inca Kings or Sapa Incas at Kalamazoo College. Each panel measures 8 x 6 inches. The portraits were donated to the college in the 1960s in ...
    • The Indigenous Women of Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico: The Tarasco Indians, Exploited, Humiliated, and Caught on Film 

      Sandoval, Fabiola Sanchez (1995)
      The author describes her trip to the town of her birth and her efforts to capture images of the native women including her mysterious illness and a trip to a native healer.
    • Individuation and the Disposable : An Installation Piece 

      Pionk, Maggy (2008)
      “My work explores western individuation and how it has become a social norm. Western society facilitates an individuation of people encouraging each to be their own and separate. This individuation of society gives people ...
    • Industrial Interiors: Gallery Show Paper 

      Yeomans, Lela (1990)
      The author describes her mixed media art installation designed to express a personal statement of life as a human being in industrialized society (no slides included).
    • The Influence of Neoplatonism on Art from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance 

      Keyes, Gary (1982)
      Neoplatonism is the philosophy of Plotinus and those philosophers who, though influenced by him, did not necessarily accept all of his doctrines . In fact, the works of many of Plotinus' successors differed quite markedly, ...
    • Inner Space : An Experiment in Internet Art 

      Nishizawa, Michael E. (2000)
      The author describes the process of developing a multimedia project that combines his interests in computer programming, photography, and scuba diving, and the technical applications of Photoshop, Flash, and the sound ...
    • Inner Space: An Experiment in Internet Art 

      Nishizawa, Michael E. (2000)
      My piece will use sound and animation to take a trip through the underwater world that I have captured in pictures taken while I was down. would like to put the viewer into the underwater environment and let them experience ...
    • An Installation SIP 

      Smith, Caitlyn (2014)
      The artist writes “I continue to eat meat, but I do not want to watch an animal die. In my work, I focus on the relationship that we have with eating flesh, or in most cases, the relationship we avoid. In this project, I ...
    • Internship at the Detroit Institute of Arts : Focus on Museum Education and Interpretation 

      Milbeck, Erin (2007)
      The author describes her internship in the Interpretation Department at the Detroit Institute of Arts, focusing on her work with digital interpretive projects.
    • Internship SIP : Miami, New York, Bogota 

      Miller, Toni Michael (2005)
      The author describes her internship with feminist artist Sandra Bermudez in Miami and Bogota, Colombia and with Sandra's boyfriend, art promoter Michael Sellinger at the Scope Art Fair in Southampton, NY. She discusses the ...
    • Intersections 

      Butler, Kristin M. (2004)
      “Only one question came to my mind when trying to explain my work to you: How can I describe my video Intersections without giving away every important detail of the story? Instead of introducing the narrative to you, I ...
    • Invisible Neighbors : Migrant Farm Workers Speak 

      Elissetche, Crystal (2010)
      Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms for sharing wisdom and understanding the complexities of the world. Oral traditions such as storytelling are valued customs for passing knowledge from one generation to the next. ...