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    • Vanitas (Corner 1) : an Art SIP 

      Baillie, Margaret G. (Maggie) (2011)
      Artist’s Statement: “My project is rooted in that theoretical point, wherein polar opposites cease to be so, dreamlike imagery becomes tangible and dichotomies exist together, pleasurably. The hardened, sculptural canvas ...
    • A Veiwers Perspective: Faces 

      Clifford, Jane (2007)
      My SIP has started a personal challenge to overcome my personal biases of how I draw people, specifically faces. One of my goals has been to retrain my eye and hand to discover subtle differences that people hold in their ...
    • Via Dolorosa, a Conversation of a King: A Studio Art SIP Presented with Oil Paint on Canvas 

      Gorton, Jeffrey Michael (2000)
      The author describes his series of seven paintings depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
    • Video Art 

      Medlin, Sara C. (2005)
    • The Virgin Immaculate, East to West : Byzantine Stylistic and Iconographic Influence on Madonna and Child Paintings in Venice and Its Development Through the Paintings of Giovanni Bellini 

      Weisman, Rachael (2005)
      The career of Giovanni Bellini can be considered the turning point in Venetian art, when the city's Byzantine heritage and Western influences converged at their finest. If we trace the developments of Giovanni's Madonna ...
    • Vulnerabilities : an Emotional Exploration in the Voices of Survivors 

      Rayas, Anna (2015)
      Vulnerabilities is a collection of pieces created for my senior individualized project (SIP) which addresses issues surrounding how sexual violence and violence against women affects survivors and their perceptions of their ...
    • Water Color Paintings 

      Amendt, Laura (1990)
      The author discusses her SIP experience including watercolor paintings of three different types of subjects: still life, landscape, and abstract. (No slides included)
    • What Comes Out : A SIP 

      Barnum, Sam (1998)
      art-a haiku / art is what comes out / when you have five months to make / stuff and think too much and spend / all your father's loot.
    • What Feeds My Soul 

      Clark, Britnei K. (2008)
      "This project is a reflection of who I am as a person and an artist. It represents the journey of finding myself here at Kalamazoo College. My art has helped me realize the things that I value most in life: family, food, ...
    • What More Do We Need? 

      Welke, Kate (2014)
      The author describes the process and inspiration for her senior year installation with inspiration from the writings about the place of food in America by Maira Kalman, Michael Pollan, and Alice Waters.
    • Wheel of the Year : A Constellation of Wicca 

      Kring, McKenna M. (2015)
      This constellation The Wheel of the Year is the color-vibrant personal response to my research and interpretation. My constellation of Wiccan Sabbats used multiple medium pieces as my responses and interpretations to ...
    • "When We Were" : An Exploration into Family and Memory 

      Johannsen, Zoe (2018)
      The artist writes "When We Were is for me, an exploration into the ideas of collective memory and shared history. I became interested in this idea of collective memory years ago in history class, and it has stuck with me ...
    • Where Icons Tread 

      Ickes, Austin (2019)
      How do we personally address that which makes us uncomfortable? In a world leering at us from all angles, it can be difficult not to feel as if one is subjected to the gaze or whims of factors far beyond the individual ...
    • White Noise 

      Lundberg, Joanna N. Y. (2007)
      “As an artist, I am interested in exploring the boundaries between technology and the human body as they are increasingly revealed as tenuous, shifting, and unstable. The technological artifact or tool can no longer be ...
    • Who's Crazy: An Art Installation About My Experiences Working with Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled Adults at Living Ways, Inc. : A Written Statement 

      Irwin, Chandra (2001)
      The author describes the pieces in her mixed media installation reflecting on her experience working with schizophrenic and bipolar residents of a group home. The author states “Working at Living Ways, Inc. has provided ...
    • With Wings of Steel 

      Forsythe, Lizzy (2010)
      The artist writes "there is an incontrovertible similarity between the mass of information accessible to an individual and the rough chaos of a pile of scrap steel. No matter how it is arranged, there always seems to be ...
    • The Woman Unafraid : Georgia O'Keeffe's Explorations of Female Sexuality 

      Guzy, Sarah (2010)
      When Georgia Totto O'Keeffe (1887-1986) began to garner attention in the world of art, thanks in large part to the marketing skills of New York gallery owner, publisher, and artist in his own right, Alfred Stieglitz, people ...
    • A Woman's Prerogative : Female Painters in 16th and 17th Century Italy and the Netherlands 

      Thoresen, Erin Leigh (2001)
      The author reviews the life and work of six women : Levina Teerlinc, Maria van Oosterwyck, Fede Galizia, Artemisia Gentileschi, Lavinia Fontana, and Sofonisba Anguissola. She concludes that these six incredible, passionate ...
    • Woolshed 

      Eckrich, Annie Belle (2013)
      "How does one create an environment? What does it mean to make a home? By using almost exclusively wool top (the precursor to garment-weight yarn), I have knitted a structure that expands and contracts with the needs of ...
    • Words and Images: A Photographic Interpretation of Spanish Poetry 

      Dragisic, Christine D. (1998)
      This SIP came about as a way to synthesize several of my interests into one project I would enjoy immersing myself in for six months. For many years, I have been fascinated by the Spanish language and culture. Spanish ...