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    • Ten Weeks in the Studio: Drawing and Painting 

      Kitchel, Karen E. (1979)
      The author describes the process of creating a senior collection of abstract expressionist paintings and drawings inspired by the work of Hans Hoffman, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns
    • TEVERETERNO: Eternal tiber 

      Montesanti, Gabrielle (2014-09)
      As a studio art major, I decided that I wanted to take advantage of the internship opportunities afforded to me through the GLCA New York Arts Program. The connections I made in New York resulted in a six week internship ...
    • The Theory and Practice of Primitive Photography 

      Seuss-Brakeman, Dylan (2009)
      The author details the history and process of the calotype camera and then records the process of building and using one himself.
    • Thesis in Painting 

      Stimson, Paul (1971)
      The author describes his senior collection of figure drawings and paintings.
    • They Are Talking about the World is Hot : Paintings about a Local Fishing Community's Relationship with a Dying Coral Reef, Thailand 

      Leet, Genevieve (2011)
      The artist writes “Today, oceans and coral reefs are in crisis. In a study released in Feb. 2011, researchers announced that if current trends continue all coral reefs could be destroyed by 2050. For my SIP, I traveled to ...
    • Things Fall Apart 

      Leonard, Alexandra J. (2009)
      "Any art that involves exposure to 2000 degree heat involves some aspect of good faith and reliance on chance. Although every precaution can be taken, ceramic artists never know exactly what to expect when they open the ...
    • Through Our Windows 

      Fowler, Brianna (2011)
      “My project began with the focus on relationships and how people working and creating art together can develop a sense of community. Participants were invited to portray stories through windows and share in the art experience. ...
    • Tim Rollins and KOS : A Breakdown of Theory and Practice 

      Garn, Megan (2011)
      The author presents her summer internship at a camp sponsored by the Boulder (CO) Museum of Contemporary Art and a program at the Denver Museo de las Americas and explores the theories and practices of Tim Rollins and the ...
    • Timepieces 

      Casas, Paula G. (1989)
      The author describes her decision NOT to complete a business SIP and to pursue an art major. She discusses the influences of Hans Hoffman, Ellsworth Kelly, and Elizabeth Murray on her collection of eight abstract expressionist ...
    • Toward Ultimate Unity: Walter Dorwin Teague's Designs for the Ford Family and Ford Motor Company 

      Fielder, Claire (2014)
      During the 1930s, Walter Derwin Teague complete several projects for Ford Motor Company and the Ford Family. This paper looks at Teague's designs for Ford's exhibitions at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair, the 1935 California ...
    • Toward Wholeness in Education 

      Herman Hilker, Kaiya Noelle (2019)
      In the beginning stages of this project I knew I was interested in learning more about Waldorf Education and exploring a Senior Individualized Project that would help launch me into my life after graduation. As I started ...
    • Traces of a Place : Time in Southern Mexico An exhibition of photographs taken in correspondence with various Mexican poems 

      Kane, Michael (1999)
      The author describes the process of creating a photographic installation that combine photographs from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico with nineteen poems selected and translated by the author. The installation revolves around ...
    • Transformations: Photographing the Nude - A Written Statement 

      Whiting, Elizabeth K. (1988)
      As an Art History major, making my own art instead of researching someone else's work may not seem like a logical or even natural choice, but then slaughtering my finest impulses does not make any sense either. I struggled ...
    • Transplant 

      Siler, Shannon (2002)
      The author describes an installation of photographs, cut paper mosaic, and wooden botanical plaques. The artist statement declares "As a whole the human race processes its environment, extracting what it desires, leaving ...
    • Trash 

      Ricci, Laura (1995)
    • U.S. Comicbooks in Japan 

      Beilfuss, Shawn (1998)
      Building from the foundation laid in this independent study became the focus of my SIP proposal and I posed the question of "How can I carry over what I learned about the differences between US and Japanese comics into ...
    • Unbridled: Paintings and Drawings 

      DiMaggio, Anthony (1994)
      The author describes the process of creating his collection of five colored pencil and oil paintings and the inspiration of Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Peter Blume.
    • Unidentifiable Feelings of an Outsider 

      Scheck, Christa (2017)
      The main objective of this Senior Individualized Project (SIP) project was to explore the ramifications of anxiety and mental illness on a conceptual level, but on a material one as well to further develop my artistic style ...
    • Unspoken : Our Multifaceted Reality 

      Lucas, Alison (2009)
      The artist writes “Human relationships—friendship, love and family, are much more complex than language allows us to describe. Although we don't have the words to talk about it, all of us experience these intricacies on a ...
    • Unspoken: Our Multifacet Reality 

      Lucas, Alison (2009)
      Human relationships—friendship, love and family, are much more complex than language allows us to describe. Although we don’t have the words to talk about it, all of us experience these intricacies on a daily basis. We ...