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    • S.I.P. 

      Galligan, James (1978)
      The author describes the process of designing and creating a collection of wood scultures. (No slides included)
    • S.I.P. : Paintings 

      Mehretu, Julie (1992)
      The artist writes “…….i began with painting on 4x4 feet hardwood self portraits, some were awful...and then one hit me and it waz a big break through point for me. bright colors and i thought, it waz more painterly than ...
    • Saffron 

      Salmond, Karena (2000)
      From the beginning of my college career I knew that I would be studying fine arts. However, when it came time to start my Senior Individualized Project I was nevertheless nervous and overwhelmed. After reviewing other ...
    • 'scapes 

      Weybright, Jessica (1997)
      So my paintings weren't going to be very abstract. They still were ending up looking pretty far-fetched, more fantasy-like than natural. I was experimenting a lot, especially with glazes and impasto. I would layer a heavy ...
    • School Daze: A Study in Human Figure 

      Driessche, Daniel (1982)
      The author describes the development of his senior collection.
    • Searching for Grandmother with Black Teeth 

      Nguyen, Hope C. (1997)
    • Securing Advertising 

      Chumley, Qynce B. (2019)
      I have always been drawn to advertising. From when I was a kid and knew all the words to every commercial and to every radio ad that played on Z107.7, to several months ago when I decided to paint on ...
    • Seeing the Sacred : A Photographic Exploration of Bodily Boundaries 

      Wilson, Elizabeth (2008)
      The aim of religious activity is to totalize, to bring everything into a grand scheme, a cosmic order which supersedes all other order. The author suggests that secular activity, on the other hand, is distinct from religious ...
    • Selected Course Work Produced at Kendall College of Art and Design 

      Burris, Jennifer S. (1987)
      The author discusses her senior collection of drawings, graphic design classes at Kendall, and internship with Biggs/Gilmore Marketing in Kalamazoo
    • SELF 

      Poskey, Laura (2005)
      Artist's Statement: "Offering simplicity to an increasingly complex world, Self is a post-minimalist installation that celebrates the individuality of its viewers. The exhibition is composed of four central elements; ...
    • Self Portrait 

      Bleyaert, Lisa-Marie (2003)
      "As a culture, we tend to share common realizations of death, love, abandonment, comfort, and rejection. Our first encounters with these facets of life are exhilarating, traumatic, and always memorable. Each new experience ...
    • Semper Fidelis 

      Cruz, Orel (2010)
      The purpose of this SENIOR INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT is to explore and attempt to answer a question which caused controversy amongst the author’s friends and family: “Why do you want to join the Marine Corps?” Through photography ...
    • Senior Individualized Project 

      Harper, Jamison (2001)
      The author describes how his experience with comic book art led to developing a collection of 32 portraits based on a 1967 college yearbook, drawn with condensed graphite on museum board.
    • Senior Individualized Project in Painting 

      Martindale, Devon (1995)
      The author describes the process of creating and selecting a series of ten acrylic paintings focused on the study of color and texture that incorporate the textures of other materials and are inspired by the abstract ...
    • The Senses: Appetite, Control, and Excess 

      MacInnes, Corinne (2015)
      Over the course of nearly 12 months, I’ve explored and developed an evolution of concepts for my SIP work and other individualized projects. This development began during the spring of 2014 with my interest in the senses, ...
    • The Shapes of Senses 

      Haugland, Kelly (2018)
      In the artist’s statement for the installation, the author writes “I have created a multisensory, participatory, art installation. As a psychology major I have learned how reflecting on one’s senses can be therapeutic and ...
    • Shattered : A Senior Individualized Project 

      Marshall, Laura (2010)
      The artist writes “Like glass, the physical elements in nature such as trees, flowers, and mountains are resilient and at the same time very breakable. Both can repel other natural forces such as strong winds and heavy ...
    • The SIP Experience 

      Photinos, Anna (1986)
      The author describes the development of her senior collection of pen and ink and pastel figure drawings.
    • SIP NYC 198ONE 

      Gougeon,Brian (1981)
      The author describes his apprenticeship with the artist Philip Pearlstein in New York and his senior collection of paintings.
    • SIP Show, April 30 to May 11, 1979 

      Campbell, Amie (1979)
      Works include a theater installation, sculpture, portraits, figure drawings, and abstract expressionist paintings.