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    • The Raphael Circle and the Emergence of Mannerism in the Decorative Painting of Rome 

      Backus, Irene (1996)
      The author describes her internship in the Museum Education and Prints and Drawings departments at the Art Institute of Chicago. She describes her work on several studies into the attribution and spread of influence among ...
    • Raven and The Dove: Illustrations for a Children's Novella 

      Savra, Sabrina E. (2002)
      When I began work on these illustrations this past winter quarter, I began the task of visually telling the story of Raven and the Dove. I mapped out all the moments I wanted to visualize. Somehow, I did not seem content ...
    • Re-Conceptions : Women in Art : a Studio Art SIP 

      Malyn, Hannah (2007)
      Artist's Statement: "The place of women in the art world has always been unsure. Both as artists and as subjects of art, women are forced to accept the place that is given to them. As subjects, they become objects or ...
    • Re-Source SIP Document 

      Scholz, Jenneva A. (2010)
      Re-Source is a reaction to the tragedies of contemporary farming and the promise of the new wave of community centered agriculture that is arising in cities like Detroit Out of a system that ignores the individual, poisons ...
    • Reading Between the Seams : The Commercial Sewing Pattern Industry Contextualized 

      Madias, Miranda (2014)
      Towards the end of the nineteenth century, there were many revolutionary changes in the world of fashion, including the extremely important concurrent evolution of women's magazines and the paper sewing pattern. Two ...
    • Recalling Nonexistent Memories, Becoming Friends with the Dead 

      Lawson, Madeline (2017)
      This collection of cyanotypes, family photos, and block prints are a visual representation to a connection formed, and a trip retraced 64 years later. Through retracing a trip detailed in a distant family member diary ...
    • Reclaiming the Her in Hero 

      Mayle, Patricia (1994)
      The author introduces her collection of five female heroes rendered in charcoal and conte with an essay that compares the male hero's journey found in mythology, literature and film, with the role of heroic female characters ...
    • Reclamation 

      Smith, Kelsey J. (2011)
      "My forms are natural and organic, familiar on a subconscious level. Reclamation is deceitful in representing fluidity, malleability and animation, through inflexible fired clay. My initial investigation was centered on ...
    • Relate: A Creative Art SIP 

      Littman-Smith, Rebecca (2002)
      The author discusses an installation of color woodcut prints based on the relative nature of memory, childhood stories, flashbacks, and expressions from photos. She discusses the influence of artists Helen Frankenthaler, ...
    • Revolutions: An Expansion of Shape and Color 

      Boyce, Benjamin M. (2002)
      The artist describes the process of creating a senior exhibit that combines his love of cycling and painting inspired by Kenneth Noland and Josef Albers with an installation of circular paintings framed in bicycle wheels.
    • Ridiculous : a Photographic Exploration of Gender Roles in Media 

      Bylenga, Elizabeth (2002)
      Artist statement: "Go ahead, laugh! This is ridiculous! Laughter may be the best medicine, but making light of something also allows people to see things differently. As Maya Angelou says: "It is good for a woman to keep ...
    • Rise Once More : A Documentary Film SIP 

      Ball, Jackie (2007)
      The author describes the process of creating a documentary film about a Colorado burn camp. Video available on campus.
    • The Rose She Kept : Domestic Objects from the Brower Hart Collection, 1885-1915 

      Gravley, Alex (2013)
      "The Rose She Kept" studies domestic objects from the Brower Hart house in Prescott, Arkansas within the context of their arrangement in the home. The catalog locates the authority of homemaking with matriarch Florence ...
    • Rusting Brains Make Pretty Places: a Painting SIP 

      Sheldon, Sara (2010)
      Artist’s Statement: “Hanging at the center of each gallery wall, at a sixty-inch eye level, my work follows a tradition of exhibiting art in the "white cube." These pieces, each representative of a map or landscape that ...
    • S.I.P. 

      Galligan, James (1978)
      The author describes the process of designing and creating a collection of wood scultures. (No slides included)
    • S.I.P. : Paintings 

      Mehretu, Julie (1992)
      The artist writes “…….i began with painting on 4x4 feet hardwood self portraits, some were awful...and then one hit me and it waz a big break through point for me. bright colors and i thought, it waz more painterly than ...
    • Saffron 

      Salmond, Karena (2000)
      From the beginning of my college career I knew that I would be studying fine arts. However, when it came time to start my Senior Individualized Project I was nevertheless nervous and overwhelmed. After reviewing other ...
    • 'scapes 

      Weybright, Jessica (1997)
      So my paintings weren't going to be very abstract. They still were ending up looking pretty far-fetched, more fantasy-like than natural. I was experimenting a lot, especially with glazes and impasto. I would layer a heavy ...
    • School Daze: A Study in Human Figure 

      Driessche, Daniel (1982)
      The author describes the development of his senior collection.
    • Searching for Grandmother with Black Teeth 

      Nguyen, Hope C. (1997)