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    • Narrative of the Artistic Process of the Documentary Film SIP "Nitty Gritty" 

      Geer, Amanda Meghan (2012)
      My completed Senior Individualized Project, an autobiographical documentary film entitled Nitty Gritty, discusses dysfunctional families abuse, addiction, mental illness, and recovery by drawing upon my own personal experiences.
    • Necessary Sun: An Environmental Installation with Handwritten Letters between Girls 

      Demick, K. (1996)
      I felt, in many ways, "Necessary Sun" worked out well. Not only did the cycle I was envisioning "turn out" physically well in the gallery, it turned out well as a mental statement of a creation cycle; my ability to unite ...
    • Neo-Pedestrian 

      Sandiford, Kira (2015)
      Neo-Pedestrian is a collection of ten acrylic paintings that explore the human relationship to contemporary urban environments. The paintings bring to light the aesthetic possibilities in our routine ways of seeing the ...
    • Neuroarthistory : Discovering a Greater Appreciation of Art Through Science 

      Pittman, Elizabeth (2010)
      The author reviews several themes of neuroarthistory from theories of aesthetic interest, light perception and the eye, and the visual brain, considering the critical work of John Onians, Margaret Livingston, Semir Zeki, ...
    • A New Era in Photography : The Decisive Moment Shows the Way 

      Rupp, Alexander F. (2003)
      The author discusses the characteristics that established critical appreciation for photography in the Twentieth Century with the work of Alfred Stieglitz, John Szarkowski, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Margaret Bourke-White.
    • New School of Kalamazoo Painting 

      Aiken, Eric (2010)
      Artist's Statement: "There comes a time when we as artists have to look beyond the body of work and focus more on the artists at work. That was goal of this mural project. It was to do just that, look at artists as working ...
    • Nonidentity 

      Orta, Michelle (2018)
      The artist writes "In this essay I discuss my experiences in Kalamazoo College. These experiences led to my exploration in abstract painting with acrylic paint and nontraditional tools, such as spoons and a putty knife on ...
    • Not Finger 

      Witzke, John H. (1998)
      I want to paint forever. There is nothing else I would rather do. In fact, there are few things with which I occupy myself without wishing I were elsewhere, doing other things. Painting is one of those things. I am ...
    • Not Simply Looking : Working Towards Stimulating and Simulating a Response through Sculpture 

      Montz, Jacob John (2014)
      When looking at painting and sculpture we experience two very different realities and modes of art. With painting and the rest of two-dimensional art we are given a window into another world. In this way the painting, ...
    • An Observation of Gender Roles in Japan : A Senior Individualized Project 

      Trierweiler, Marissa (2011)
      The artist writes “My life has been a constant exploration into my identity as a half-Japanese woman. The past few years in college have allowed me to expand my views and experience Japan first-hand. The point of my artwork ...
    • Oceans 

      Yasmanaka, Yuriko (1988)
      The author describes her collection of Japanese inspired paintings.
    • Of Light and Shadows: Portraits of a Market Town in Ecuador 

      Prickett, Jennifer (1992)
      The author presents a collection of photographs of the indigenous people of Otavalo, Ecuador taken during her semester abroad.
    • The Offering : A Senior Individualized Project 

      Peden, Nassau (2009)
      The artist writes “We are living segmented lives. We are estranged from our own bodies. We are told that nudity, hair, bodily functions, natural rhythms and cycles are crude, vulgar, and ‘uncivilized.’ Society subtly ...
    • Office Anxiety, Office Boredom, Office Monotony 

      Hammerly, Allison (2015)
      "Office Anxiety, Office Boredom, Office Monotony" is a series of eight digital illustrations that deal with the psychological effects of boredom and monotony on the human mind, using the office workplace as a setting. The ...
    • On My Animal Kingdom: Brick Mason 

      Caruthers, Donald (1975)
      The author describes his senior collection of etching.
    • Organic Revelry: a Senior Project in Painting 

      Hoyle, Martha (1989)
      The author discusses the inspiration behind her senior painting collection, searching for the abstract texture of objects, including Heronymous Bosch, M. C. Escher, and Jackson Pollack.
    • The Oriental Influence on English Art: 1850-1900, with an Emphasis on James McNeill Whistler 

      Nesburg, Janet A. (1975)
      The question may be raised concerning the use of the term "Oriental" in this thesis. This term is used to refer to Japan and China, with an emphasis on Japan. During the time between 1850 and 1900, few artists made any ...
    • The Other Side of the World: Poetry/Painting SIP 

      Laymon, Heather (1989)
      The original SIP is described as "a collection of painting, drawing, and poetry created as a means of connection through breaking down boundaries." Only the poems are found here.
    • Our Living Frame 

      Norman, Megan (1990)
      The author describes the inspiration she finds in architecture for her collection of thirteen watercolors that explore the beauty of both architectural and human structures.
    • Painting Dance: A Studio Art Senior Individualized Project 

      Hauk, Michelle L. (2007)
      The dance is eternal. It is a manifestation of life in its truest form, and it is this experience of life through dance that I desire to bring to canvas. T.S. Eliot writes in Buirnt Norton, "The dance along the artery/ ...