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    • The Main Attraction 

      Rea, Alexandra J. (2010)
      "The Main Attraction" offers an opportunity to document five of Chicago's most visited buildings and a chance to find the details within the architecture. Each one of the buildings within the show functions as vessel for ...
    • Make Your Bed Dear 

      MacArthur, Lucy Bogner (2016)
      My Senior Individualized Project examines modern laws that police women’s bodies, fairytales that highlight victim blaming and violence, and patriarchal and biblical stories that teach people how to worship and despise ...
    • Manifest I of "The Honest," 2009 

      Douglas, Kelcie Spencer (2009)
      " ’Nothing external matters here, except as it shows you its inner reflection.’ It is understood through history that what is seen is rarely enough to provide the viewer with a full explanation. In order to gather the most ...
    • A Massive Medium : The Propaganda of Italian Fascist Architecture 

      Kearney, Samantha (2012)
      The author reviews how the architecture of early 20th Century Rome reflects the values and aspirations of Musolini and the Fascist Party in Italy.
    • Matching Nightgowns : A Senior Individualized Project 

      Sabourin, Michelle (2011)
      The artist writes “We can feel so confident in our independence in one moment and so small and insecure, child like, the next. Why do we long for a time of less understanding, less control, more dependence? I’ve been ...
    • Medical Illustration : Applying Theory and Technique 

      White, James A. (1981)
      The author describes work he did with a doctor in his home town of Trenton, Michigan.
    • Meditations on Raisins 

      Dilts, Kelsey (1999)
      The author describes how Andy Warhol and Sandy Skoglund inspired her to find the beauty in everday objects and create a collection of works that incorporate cermaics, photocopy collages of Polaroid images, and miscellaneous ...
    • Medium View 

      Snyder, Elayna A. (2009)
      The author’s exploration of large format photography began with a chance encounter with an abandoned house. The author describes the project that developed when she returned to the house: “My process for this project was ...
    • Melting Pot 

      Alton, Lindy (2001)
      The author describes the evolution of her work away from the human figure and toward abstract expressionism. In discussing her collection of eight drawings using conte or charcoal on wax, paper, and canvas, she says “I ...
    • metanoia: A Painting SIP 

      Sarut, Paula (1999)
      This SIP has been a magnified cross-section of the entire process of life. I have thought and thought and thought about everything that I've learned about myself and art and life and how they have all become interwoven ...
    • Michigan and Mississippi 

      Bloomfield, Allison (2016)
      "This body of work is an exploration of a new chapter in my life, involving an entirely new place and new experiences. The summer after my sophomore year, my parents and sister moved to Mississippi due to a job transfer. ...
    • Microcosm : Attraction and Repulsion 

      Smith, Christina M. (2010)
      A mold, by nature, does not make objects that are unique or original. A cast form is a shadow of the original model, a copy of a copy. The casts that come out of my molds cannot stand alone; to me, they are inherently ugly ...
    • Military Life 

      Petersen, Miranda (2018)
      The artist writes "My exhibit is about the military and how it effects its service members during and after enlistment. I use a collaborative approach in my work so that I am not making assumptions or speaking for someone ...
    • Milk and Honey 

      Ahlberg, Abigail Louise (2009)
      The artist writes, “My current work is an exploration of the ways in which women represent themselves in a society dominated by the male gaze. This relates particularly to my experiences as a woman, navigating myself in ...
    • A Minor Dispute: The Photography of Duane Michaels 

      Benson, Brian (1987)
      The author responds to an interview with comtemporary photographer Duane Michals in Art and Antiques magazine.
    • Mirror of the Soul 

      Olmstead, Penny (1995)
      The author describes the inspiration for her collection of seven acrylic paintings including family members and childhood memories and the work of N. C. Wyeth, Paul Gaugin, and Salvador Dali.
    • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, There is no Fairest One of All 

      Pappas, Erika (2008)
      This project began fall quarter with a female body image workshop. Women from Kalamazoo College volunteered for the group, and we met for an hour once a week for seven weeks. Each session involved a different topic ...
    • Modify 

      Lamont, Michelle (2010)
      The artist writes “Body modification is universally enacted as a practice of aesthetics: cutting hair, trimming nails, piercing and tattooing, or exercising for beauty and personal pleasure. Most people alter their body ...
    • Moments Within the Spaces : 3 Months on East Amatuli 

      Wrobel, Christopher Patrick (2000)
      The author describes the process of creating an exhibition of photographs taken while working with a small team studying seabirds in Alaska.
    • Mondrian and De Stijl: A Translation from the German of Hans L. C. Jaffe's Introduction and Three Selected Essays 

      Selner, Harry L. (1969)
      Hans L. C. Jaffé, born in 1915, studied art history, archaeology and history at the University of Amsterdam. While a student, he came to work for the Stedelijk Museum, which he left in 1961 as assistant director. After the ...