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    • La Finca de Los Perezosos: Navigating Video Documentary on a Permaculture Farm in Central Panama 

      Skalican, Toni (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 2011)
      The documentary La ftnca de los perezosos tells the story of an organic permaculture farm in Panama, started by an American man from Milwaukee. With considerable help of his "right hand man" Marcelino, a Panamanian ...
    • Latin American Culture from an Outsider's Viewpoint 

      Savić, Melinda (2007)
      For the past five years or so, since I have taken up Spanish, I have not only been learning a new language, I also got to learn about a new culture: that of Latin America. Throughout those five years, I had the luck to ...
    • Layers of a Universal Soul: A Mixed Media Installation 

      Danforth, Megan (1997)
      The author describes her study abroad experience in Chile which she photographed for her senior project, a mixed media installation using handmade paper to frame and display the dye sublimation prints of her photography.
    • A Lesson in Life 

      Rossana, Matthew (2003)
      The author describes the inspiration and components of his senior project: an installation combining mixed media paintings with three dimensional classroom furniture including a chalkboard for responses from visitors. The ...
    • Life After Death 

      Brown, Kathleen (1999)
      The author describes how her mother's death influenced her college experience and the pop art-inspired paintings she created for her senior project. Her artistic influences include Cezanne, Roy Lichtenstein, Alex Katz, ...
    • Living with the Beast 

      Leary, Elizabeth A. (1991)
      The goal of my SIP experience was to develop a set of drawings that represented a culmination of four years of training in studio art, and that began to exhibit a style of my own. Since both my greatest strength and ...
    • Logic and Myth 

      Grathwohl, Casper (1993)
      The author describes the process of creating a collection of eight acrylic and oil paintings inspired by the Christian iconography found in the work of Michaelangelo, Martini, Caravaggio, and Grunewald. Also included is ...
    • Lonely Planet 

      Hu, Xinyu (Shelley) (2014)
      The author describes her evolution as a filmmaker and the creation of her project.
    • A Look at Superheroes in Odd Places 

      Hamilton-Wray, Elijah (2016)
      The author writes "My Senior Individualized Project uses comic book superheroes as the main visual focus and place them in positions that they are not normally seen in order create interesting dynamics within each individual ...
    • Looking for what came before me in the things people left behind 

      Renner, Stacy (1996)
      The author captures the experience of growing up in her family's Iowa hometown through photographs of objects, furniture, farm implements, and buildings.
    • Looking Past to Look Forward : The Study of Dutch Art in 20th Century America 

      Kenney, Sharon (2014)
      The author discusses two approaches to art history: what she calls “object-oriented” art history and “social empirical” art history. She focuses on the appeal of 17th Century Dutch painting to 19th and 20th Century Americans ...
    • Lost in a Sea of Trees : Senior Individualized Project 

      Kelly, Clover (2014)
      People often associate abandoned places and objects with sadness and death. Abandoned places evoke a surreal otherworldly feeling that is unsettling to most people, but I find these places strangely beautiful. With these ...
    • The Main Attraction 

      Rea, Alexandra J. (2010)
      "The Main Attraction" offers an opportunity to document five of Chicago's most visited buildings and a chance to find the details within the architecture. Each one of the buildings within the show functions as vessel for ...
    • Make Your Bed Dear 

      MacArthur, Lucy Bogner (2016)
      My Senior Individualized Project examines modern laws that police women’s bodies, fairytales that highlight victim blaming and violence, and patriarchal and biblical stories that teach people how to worship and despise ...
    • Manifest I of "The Honest," 2009 

      Douglas, Kelcie Spencer (2009)
      " ’Nothing external matters here, except as it shows you its inner reflection.’ It is understood through history that what is seen is rarely enough to provide the viewer with a full explanation. In order to gather the most ...
    • A Massive Medium : The Propaganda of Italian Fascist Architecture 

      Kearney, Samantha (2012)
      The author reviews how the architecture of early 20th Century Rome reflects the values and aspirations of Musolini and the Fascist Party in Italy.
    • Matching Nightgowns : A Senior Individualized Project 

      Sabourin, Michelle (2011)
      The artist writes “We can feel so confident in our independence in one moment and so small and insecure, child like, the next. Why do we long for a time of less understanding, less control, more dependence? I’ve been ...
    • Medical Illustration : Applying Theory and Technique 

      White, James A. (1981)
      The author describes work he did with a doctor in his home town of Trenton, Michigan.
    • Meditations on Raisins 

      Dilts, Kelsey (1999)
      The author describes how Andy Warhol and Sandy Skoglund inspired her to find the beauty in everday objects and create a collection of works that incorporate cermaics, photocopy collages of Polaroid images, and miscellaneous ...
    • Medium View 

      Snyder, Elayna A. (2009)
      The author’s exploration of large format photography began with a chance encounter with an abandoned house. The author describes the project that developed when she returned to the house: “My process for this project was ...