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    • Gabii : An Archeological Experience 

      Buckley, Benjamin (2010)
      The author spent five weeks in the summer of 2009 at a five-week archeological field school in the ancient city of Gabii, near Rome. He reviews the history of interaction between Rome and Gabii and the role of Lapis ...
    • "A Gaudy Rome or an Innocent Eden" : Early 20th Century Portraiture from the Kalamazoo College Collection 

      Stout-Sharp, Eeva C. (2013)
      In a culture obsessed with the construction of identity, portraiture has the unique ability to reveal multiple identities in a single image. While portraits usually focus on the depiction of the patron's face and possessions, ...
    • Ghost Stories 

      Salswedel, Emily (2016)
      "Throughout the past 20 weeks, the objectives of my SIP work, and the methods I used to achieve my ultimate goal changed drastically, but ultimately, with complications, led me back to my original processes. While ...
    • Good Boy Smokey: The Beginning, Middle and Future 

      Fisher, Tyler (2015-04)
      I have always been a fanatic of stop-motion animation but have only recently had the desire to become a professional animator. My original thoughts were “this doesn’t seem possible” and “how can I get into the animation ...
    • Grand People for Some Splendid Age 

      Bossen, Jorin (2002)
      The author presents a collection of eight portraits painted in oils, inspired by the work of R. B. Kitaj and his loose technique that flattens the images on the canvas. The author states that he “thought that by trying to ...
    • Green Design 

      Kuljian, Sarah (2009)
      The author describes her experience as intern with an interior design firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan and combines that with research into sustainable architectural design and the the LEED certification program.
    • Gut 

      Davis, Jessamyn (2009)
      Artist’s Statement: “My SIP, "Gut," has been in the making, physically, since the beginning of winter, but I have been working out the thought processes surrounding it for some years now. I see this exhibition as a stop ...
    • Hello: A Series of Oil Paintings 

      Lindholm, Amy (2008)
      I worked specifically in the medium of oil paint. I constructed three large pieces, all self portraits, that fell under the exhibition title of "Hello." The images represented by these three large paintings were a facial ...
    • High Rise Regression: Painting Series 

      Szczesny, Elizabeth (2007)
      As I worked I found the clear, concise structure of the forms I painted resonated with me. Doing this work I discovered a lot about my own worldview. The choice to make simple structures and bare landscapes was at first, ...
    • Hindsight 

      Sullivan, Sarah (2009)
      The artist writes “My series has a dual focus; first, how color subconsciously evokes positive and negative reactions and second, how everyday objects recall specific personal memories. I am intrigued by the reaction created ...
    • The Holiness Collection 

      Beaudry, Zoe (2014)
      In my work, I want to exemplify both my fascination with content and the medium of painting itself. This is because I am powerfully moved by the visual elements of painting, and provoked by the conceptual. I find a strong ...
    • Honeymoon Decorations 

      Lager, Matt (1992)
      A collection of 16 oil paintings
    • Housepaint: Constructions 

      O'Brien, Jeffrey (1988)
      The author created a series of constructions for an installation entitled Housepaint. Through the progression of two-dimensional constructions, he attempts to show the progression of control and transformation of the human ...
    • How Visual Elements are Able to Speak About Emotions and Movements? Paint to Express Feelings in Reflection of Human Caused Environmental Impacts 

      Cheng, Xiangzhi (Sherry) (2016)
      "My Senior Individualized Project is a studio art painting project conducted under the Department of Art and Art history. The idea of my project changed from admiration of wild animals to the exploration of how visual ...
    • I am Detroit 

      Lingeman, Kristin Lyn (2004)
      The author describes the inspiration and components of a photographic installation celebrating the city of Detroit.
    • Identities 

      Bothell, Elisabeth Courtenay (2003)
      The author describes the process of her collection thus: “The word "photography" literally means "to paint with light". I have taken this meaning a step beyond the usual bounds of photography in my study of identity. In ...
    • "Identities" 

      Heppert, Joanne (2012)
      "Portraiture is a statement of presence; it has the power to both document and to define the subject. Through my pieces I not only seek to explore the complexities of the personal identity of my subjects, but also to explore ...
    • Identity in the Panopticon 

      Curtiss, Athena (2015)
      Identity in the Panopticon is a series of six paintings that explore the formation of identity within a world dictated by social norms and ideas about how one is supposed to act. In some instances the works are autobiographical ...
    • Identity Without Face 

      Woltz, Gabrielle (2013)
      The realm of "faceless" portraiture is a new craze in the photography world, becoming an increasingly popular challenge that photographers, both amateur and professionals alike, are trying to master. The faceless portrait ...
    • il Cuore Sacro Che e Suo : the Sacred Heart That is Your own 

      Peat, Angela (2003)
      The author describes the inspiration and process of creating an installation of photography exploring the relationship of the individual to religion in Catholic Rome. The author describes the decision to display ten ...