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    • Fambul 

      Marker, Josef (1988)
      The author describes the process of creating an installation of paintings inspired by poems and short stories by Julio Cortazar, Zbigniew Herbert, Adrienne Rich, Theodore Roethke, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The author ...
    • Fat-space : Reflections on the Senior Individualized Project 

      Shuster-Tucker, Sarah (2018)
      The artist writes “Since before I was aware of the fascination it held for me, the idea of confusing perceptions of space in rendered images has influenced my art. I realize in retrospect that most of the drawings, paintings, ...
    • The Federal Art Project 1935-1943 

      Pozniak, Karen Ann (1968)
      The economic crisis of the thirties following the stock market crash in 1929, necessitated same form of government relief to stay the rising level of unemployment and poverty. During the first year of the Rooseve1t ...
    • Feeling at One 

      Rebhuhn, Christine (2011)
      “My perspective is understood through the relational-cultural theory of feminist counseling psychology. Janet Surrey's theory frames the primary construction of self as in relation to others, that is, organized and understood ...
    • Feeling Home 

      Schmidt, Eva-Marie R. (2011)
      The author describes her collection of photographs exploring awareness, which she describes as “exploring what I can capture when I let the world happen around me, or when I am still and let the photography happen around ...
    • Final SIP Reflection 

      Gaitan, Alicia DeJesus (2018)
      The artist writes "The purpose of this project is to explore and examine the Virgen de Guadalupe, and how her image is an icon that is circulated and utilized to conceptualize gender and sexuality within Mexican culture. ...
    • The First Collection : A Fashion Design SIP 

      Stockdale, Erin (2007)
      “In designing and constructing a women’s wear spring collection, I would like to openly illustrate my influences from more traditional fine art mediums such as painting, watercolor and photography, while still maintaining ...
    • Flat Space: Reflections on the Senior Induvidualized Project 

      Shuster-Tucker, Sarah (2008)
      Since before I was aware of the fascination it held for me, the idea of confusing perceptions of space in rendered images has influenced my art. I realize in retrospect that most of the drawings, paintings, and sculptures ...
    • The Flow of Eternity 

      White, Joshua (2002)
      The author describes the evolution of a body of photographic work combining the styles of his three greatest influences: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Richard Misrach. He revisited some of the same places where Weston ...
    • A Fly-Fisherman's Michigan Summer 

      Adamo, Christopher (1999)
      The author uses photography to tell the story of how man interacts with nature while fly-fishing to rivers of Michigan.
    • The Fragility of Place 

      DiFranco, Cecilia (2017)
      This project is a series of paintings that seek to explore the connotations of home, comfort, and safety in urban and suburban areas. Based on photographs taken by the artist in several different cities in Michigan, as ...
    • Freidrich Froebel, The Play-Gifts and Their Influence on the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright 

      Jahnke, Paulette (1966-05-06)
      In the following study I have endeavored to come to an understanding of a man, the growth of a principle and a Kindergarten system, in hopes that it might reveal to myself and the readers of this paper a more complete ...
    • "From Everything That Dies": Paintings and Drawings 

      Hughes, Holly (1977)
      The author describes her senior collection of paintings and drawings.
    • From Loss to Growth and Prosperity 

      Bouchard, Olivia (2015)
      From Loss to Growth and Prosperity focuses on the reality of extinction, the need for biodiversity and the interconnectedness of our global ecosystem, with a concentration on three diverse species on the verge of extinction: ...
    • From Tortoise Shells to the Yellow Page 

      Tani, Geoffrey (1990)
      The author traces the history of calligraphy in China and Japan along with its impact on Western art as abstract imagery without linguistic association. He also describes his own experience learning calligraphy.
    • A Functional Ceramic Senior Individualized Project 

      Rhoades, Alyssa J. (2006)
      "Suppose that life can be compared to the crossing of a bridge and from beginning to end it spans a space of time in which all of existence is experienced. As a person who creates functional ceramics, I am developing ways ...
    • Gabii : An Archeological Experience 

      Buckley, Benjamin (2010)
      The author spent five weeks in the summer of 2009 at a five-week archeological field school in the ancient city of Gabii, near Rome. He reviews the history of interaction between Rome and Gabii and the role of Lapis ...
    • "A Gaudy Rome or an Innocent Eden" : Early 20th Century Portraiture from the Kalamazoo College Collection 

      Stout-Sharp, Eeva C. (2013)
      In a culture obsessed with the construction of identity, portraiture has the unique ability to reveal multiple identities in a single image. While portraits usually focus on the depiction of the patron's face and possessions, ...
    • Ghost Stories 

      Salswedel, Emily (2016)
      "Throughout the past 20 weeks, the objectives of my SIP work, and the methods I used to achieve my ultimate goal changed drastically, but ultimately, with complications, led me back to my original processes. While ...
    • Good Boy Smokey: The Beginning, Middle and Future 

      Fisher, Tyler (2015-04)
      I have always been a fanatic of stop-motion animation but have only recently had the desire to become a professional animator. My original thoughts were “this doesn’t seem possible” and “how can I get into the animation ...