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    • Eat What You Want Do What You Can 

      Kuthe, Adam (2000)
      All these works are true stories. The stories themselves become irrelevant but the fact that there are stories seems important. I liken this project to made for television movies that begin with a disclaimer explaining ...
    • Edward Steichen's Influence on the Value of Photography 

      Eberts, Kendra (2007)
      The author examines how photography has been elevated from science to an art form through the photographer's talent and skill in creative processes, following the life and career of Steichen, who was one of the 20th century ...
    • Elements of Expressionism in the Work of Three Early Mannerists 

      Crary, Barbara (1965)
      What I will be concerned with, for the most part, is the recurring tendency to revert to irrationality and the results of this tendency in the development of Mannerism. I will concentrate on the earliest Mannerists for ...
    • Emancipation 

      Roose, Carl (2000)
      Throughout the project, I was primarily interested in formal issues; profound content or suggested narratives are for the most part accidental in these works. I took this cue (only somewhat consciously) from the Italian ...
    • Embracing Darkness 

      Riehl, Jenna (2014)
      Introducing her collection of paintings, the author writes "I believe there is solidarity in fear and darkness within everyone. We huddle in the darkness due to fear, and we stick together for the fear of being ...
    • Encontrando mi Cultura : A Mexican-American Perspective on Culture in Kalamazoo College Photography Series 

      Alaniz, Alejandro (2018)
      The artist writes "for my SIP, I want to capture the unique expressions that many Mexican American students go through to be true to themselves while living on the campus of private liberal arts college. Through the use ...
    • The Ends of the Spectrum 

      Harbage, Ian (2010)
      The author describes his concept, influences, and the construction process for his senior sculpture installation on the Kalamazoo College campus.
    • The Ephemeral : A Painting SIP 

      Walkington, Will (2007)
      The artist writes “The works shown here are a test in a change in format: how well can a painted image stand for itself on a surface other than the traditionally flat? For this experiment, I created hemispherical structures, ...
    • The Equine Incognito 

      Wooster, Stephanie (1998)
      The artist describes the process of creating a series of paintings featuring the horse.
    • Escape From Reality 

      Zwalua, Jessica (2011)
      The document that follows describes the entire process I went through during my senior project, in detail, and what led me to choose the theme, "Escape from Reality". It gives an account of my painting processes, my art ...
    • The Evolution of the Impressionist Movement in Terms of Three Masters: Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, and Pierre Auguste Renoir 

      Tobin, Jennifer L. (1980)
      The Impressionists were revolutionaries even if they dreaded that very idea. They succeeded in liberating painting from "academic form" because they stood up for their beliefs like no previous artists ever had. Their ...
    • Examining Feminist and Muslim Identity through Ghada Amer's Art 

      Hernandez, Michelle (2016)
      Ghada Amer was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1963, she spent most of her childhood and teen years in France, where she finished her studies at the world-renowned Villa Arson art school. She then moved to New York City, where she ...
    • Exhibition April 2-9, 1994 : "Oneiramancy" 

      Gallagher, Patrick (1994)
      A collection of seventeen oil paintings a critical reflection on postmodern painting.
    • An Existential Interpretation of the Artistic Theories of Paul Klee 

      Schweigert, Charles James (1969)
      The tendency of modern art toward dehumanization poses an apparent paradox for aesthetics. Concerned primarily with purifying art of all human content, modern art nonetheless seeks to embody deeply human meanings. The ...
    • Expansions 

      Stoppel, Petra (2017)
      In this essay I discuss the influences in my life that led me to focus on portrayals of masculinity for my SIP. The process of creating the body of work with acrylic on canvas is examined through the narrative story of my ...
    • The Experience 

      Thompson, Christopher A. (1996)
      The author, a Health Science major with a love of painting, describes the process of creating a series of eight paintings to represent his Kalamazoo College experience.
    • Experimental Self : a Series of Black and White Self Portraits 

      Koch, Andrea (2000)
      The author describes the technical and artistic challenges of being both photographer and model.
    • Explorations in Realism 

      Lackey, Jennifer (1995)
      The author describes the process of planning and executing a series of five representational paintings, both still lifes and portraits.
    • Fambul 

      Marker, Josef (1988)
      The author describes the process of creating an installation of paintings inspired by poems and short stories by Julio Cortazar, Zbigniew Herbert, Adrienne Rich, Theodore Roethke, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The author ...
    • Fat-space : Reflections on the Senior Individualized Project 

      Shuster-Tucker, Sarah (2018)
      The artist writes “Since before I was aware of the fascination it held for me, the idea of confusing perceptions of space in rendered images has influenced my art. I realize in retrospect that most of the drawings, paintings, ...