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    • Defining the Person, Art, and Life of Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945) 

      Graves, Andrea Wells (1999)
      The author reviews the life and work of German artist Kathe Kollwitz focusing on the emerging feminist and political themes in her sculpture, printmaking, and drawings.
    • Definition of the Male Figure 

      Smith, Stephanie (2005)
      The author describes the development of her senior exhibition, ten oil and conte studies of the human body inspired by Michelangelo, Gericault, Robert Mapplethorpe, and fellow Kalamazoo College student Jorrin Bossen.
    • Design 

      Iwanaga, Kenneth A. (Kalamazoo College, 1965)
    • Designing Utopia : Loewy's Streamlined World 

      Hiscock, Meghan (2010)
      The author chronicles her internship with the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. and discusses the impact of French-born industrial designer, Raymond Loewy.
    • The Dogon: Myths and Rituals in Their Art 

      Petter, Marta R. (1980)
      This project is a result of my intense interest in African Art and culture. A general reading in African Art has lead me to some basic understandings about where African Art has come from and in what direction it may be ...
    • Dr. Schmeichel Memorabilia: a Painting SIP 

      Coughlin, Holly (2006)
      The author discusses how her collection of sixteen oil paintings were inspired by childhood memories and stories shared by Dr. Waldemar Schmeichel during the religion class, "The Historical Jesus." She describes how she ...
    • Drawing 

      Riker, Ellen (1976)
      The author discusses how her senior collection evolved from components for a planned collage to stand alone works.
    • Drawing the Line : An Introspective Look on Personal Identity 

      Esler, Amanda (2019)
      In this essay I examine the interconnecting factors that come together to form my perception of my identity. The entire concept of my SIP, 「線を引く」or in English, Drawing the Line came about upon returning from study abroad ...
    • Drawings, Photographs, and Collages 

      Hyer, Sally (1972)
      As an Art History major, I feel that this was an extremely valuable experience with applied art. As an artist, it was a sobering experience, showing me the necessity for seriousness and persistence if one is to avoid the ...
    • Dream Drops 

      Sims, Amber (2018)
      The artist writes "Dream Drops is a studio art senior individualized project meant to explore instances of the mystical in mundane moments. A viewing of the work consists of an animated video projected on the central ...
    • Dreams of Ecuador 

      Sales-Griffin, Melba (2012)
      The author describes her senior collection of photo collages inspired by her study abroad experience in Ecuador and the process of manipulating the images in Photoshop to make them convey a fantastical, dreamlike experience.
    • Dust to Dust 

      Berger, Laurel (1987)
      The author discusses her senior collection of animal drawings inspired by their structural diversity and biological complexity and her study abroad experience in Kenya.
    • Eat What You Want Do What You Can 

      Kuthe, Adam (2000)
      All these works are true stories. The stories themselves become irrelevant but the fact that there are stories seems important. I liken this project to made for television movies that begin with a disclaimer explaining ...
    • Edward Steichen's Influence on the Value of Photography 

      Eberts, Kendra (2007)
      The author examines how photography has been elevated from science to an art form through the photographer's talent and skill in creative processes, following the life and career of Steichen, who was one of the 20th century ...
    • Elements of Expressionism in the Work of Three Early Mannerists 

      Crary, Barbara (1965)
      What I will be concerned with, for the most part, is the recurring tendency to revert to irrationality and the results of this tendency in the development of Mannerism. I will concentrate on the earliest Mannerists for ...
    • Emancipation 

      Roose, Carl (2000)
      Throughout the project, I was primarily interested in formal issues; profound content or suggested narratives are for the most part accidental in these works. I took this cue (only somewhat consciously) from the Italian ...
    • Embracing Darkness 

      Riehl, Jenna (2014)
      Introducing her collection of paintings, the author writes "I believe there is solidarity in fear and darkness within everyone. We huddle in the darkness due to fear, and we stick together for the fear of being ...
    • Encontrando mi Cultura : A Mexican-American Perspective on Culture in Kalamazoo College Photography Series 

      Alaniz, Alejandro (2018)
      The artist writes "for my SIP, I want to capture the unique expressions that many Mexican American students go through to be true to themselves while living on the campus of private liberal arts college. Through the use ...
    • The Ends of the Spectrum 

      Harbage, Ian (2010)
      The author describes his concept, influences, and the construction process for his senior sculpture installation on the Kalamazoo College campus.
    • The Ephemeral : A Painting SIP 

      Walkington, Will (2007)
      The artist writes “The works shown here are a test in a change in format: how well can a painted image stand for itself on a surface other than the traditionally flat? For this experiment, I created hemispherical structures, ...